According to a global study, 75% of the total population feels a kind of fear while talking to a group of strangers. Public speaking anxiety, also known as Glossophobia, is a psychological disease. When we speak in front of a large audience, we take a lot of pressure on ourselves unknowingly. Although annihilating this fear is not possible, what we can do is manage the anxiety to perform better publicly.

In this blog, we will talk about public speaking anxiety and some tips to manage public speaking anxiety.

Why Do We Suffer From Public Speaking Anxiety?

There are several reasons behind suffering public speaking anxiety. Maybe, there is some previous bad experience you have had previously. Alternatively, some health concerns are there. This problem is more of a psychological than a health kind. If you want to overcome fear of public speaking, you should consult an experienced person.

How Can We Manage Speaking Anxiety?

As we know, there is a problem called public speaking; anxiety exists; here are some tips to overcome this fear. Hope you will be benefited from this.  

  1. Be Prepared

One of the major reasons we fear speaking in front of an audience is that we are not prepared enough. Don’t do this the next time. Try to articulate a basic structure on which you will speak well before you get on the stage. You can write a brief note if necessary. Don’t try to memorise the speech; understand the basics and be comfortable while speaking.

2. Find Out Your Weaknesses

We all have some positive and negative qualities. Try to find out your weakness. It is when you find your weakness that you can work on that. Please take expert help whenever necessary.

3. How To Manage A Large Audience?

Managing an audience is one of the most important things while speaking in front of a large audience. Most of us focus only on our own speech and don’t have a clue about the audience. A professional speaker is not like that. He will try to find a connection with the audience. Eye contact with the audience can help you build that connection. Once you have a grip on the audience, you can carry further as your wish. Having courage and maintaining a connection with the audience is the key to becoming an excellent speaker.

4. Redesign Your Thinking Process

Redesigning our thought process is as important as other methods. You need to understand that; a normal audience does not care whether you have fumbled a bit. Don’t take pressure on yourself; just be in the moment and carry forward.

5. Take A Break And Relax

Many of us hurry while speaking in public. This is not advisable for professional speakers. Don’t hurry too much. Take your time, breath properly and have enough pauses between two sentences or thoughts. Once you adopt this technique, your ability to speak in front of people will increase significantly.

6. Practice Is The Key

Last but not least, practice. Practice as much as possible. Nothing is there that you can’t achieve with regular practice. Spend some time, improve yourself and in no time, you will be confident enough to speak publicly.

Hope these tips will help you gain much-needed confidence to speak in front of a large audience. If you need further help, you should consult an experienced public speaking trainer.

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