Designing a proper laboratory space means using every corner to its maximum potential. The first thing you should put on the list is to include storage and quick access equipment necessary for research and experiment. Thus, it is very much important to organize this equipment and appliances in order to make them easier to locate.

When you are planning to install laboratory shelving, then overhead shelves should be your priority because this helps to improve the laboratory organization. And not only you can store samples but also chemicals. So, you get to know the exact location of these items easily.

It also saves your time, and you won’t have to depend on anybody to search for any item. However, if you are still not sure why you should have shelving in your lab, then here’s why –


You need to store items frequently, and for that, you cannot free up counters that are already booked. Thus, shelves can be used in this scenario, and they also provide smooth and streamlined accessibility.


It is not just about storing and maintaining a clean lab; you can also form a catalogue for every item. And then you can go through the list so that you can find them easily the next time.

Get things on demand

Suppose you are working on a new project and immediately require certain appliances or equipment. If you have shelves, then you do not need to pull out the drawer to find out the petri dish or sample tray. 

Which shelving should you choose?

Now, there are various shelves that you can choose from – overhead, laboratory cabinets, shelves that are built into workbenches etc. You can also divide the shelves based on your requirement or combine them with upright cabinets.


Are you working in a shared lab? Then, it is essential to add shelves because different groups would be working on different projects and demand storage of materials and equipment. Thus, there is nothing better than shelves that can help you store them securely. So, if we are willing to maximize the lab space, then rely on Global Lab Supply for shelves. They are known to supply the best quality lab products.

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