Follow the easy 10-step process below to follow the steps and begin building your Life Time Money Flow!

1. Review your personal financial situation.

Before you look for deals, take a look at your financial situation. Do you have funds to invest, or do you require investors? Do you qualify in the event of one of the FHA loans? What about an income-producing commercial or mortgage? What are you able to do to boost your personal financial situation?

2. Select if you would like to concentrate on residential 2 to four units or a smaller commercial property with 5 to thirty units.

It’s easy to focus on both, however it’s crucial to recognize that there are many distinctions between commercial and residential multifamily. If you’re looking into “house hacking” or FHA loans, you’ll have to concentrate on residential. There are a variety of other differences including the process of loan as well as balloon payments and even the exit strategy alternatives.

3. Choose where you’ll be focusing your efforts.

It is estimated that there are 2.25 million multifamily properties across the U.S It’s impossible to be chasing them all. When choosing your market concentrate on four aspects that are: job and employment growth and increase in income, growth in population and numerous big employers.

4. Connect to an agent or broker in your area and local banker.

As you’ve guessed, the path towards a life-long cash flow isn’t one you can take on your own. The two most crucial team members you’ll require include an active and motivated broker/agent who focuses on multi family homes, as well as an individual banker in your area that has discussed loan options with or have an established relationship with. The first member on the team can help you locate opportunities, while the second can help you narrow these deals down.

5. Begin to establish connections with investors who may be interested in investing.

No matter if you believe you need an investor or don’t, I suggest beginning to establish those connections. Keep in mind that you are creating relationships, not just talking about Real Estate! It is crucial to identify the common ground and to build strong, sometimes lasting relationships.

6. Get professional.

One of the biggest errors new investors make is to treat their multifamily ventures as a pastime and not as an enterprise. Don’t start forming an LLC until you’re ready and instead, invest a few dollars and purchase an assortment of business cards. Also, you’ll need to have a basic site on as well as a free business telephone number through Google Voice.

7. Purchase or construct your owner database for your property.

The proper database of the owner and property is worth its weight in gold. It will serve as a valuable source of mailing direct marketing campaigns, making cold calls and general knowledge of the region. Download the records from the county assessor’s website and can create your list using Excel or make use of a no-cost or low-cost CRM.

8. Make sure you get your first direct mail campaign going out

Direct mail is among the most effective methods to get bargains off the market for any kind or size of real estate, but especially for small multifamily. As I mentioned earlier the majority of the owners are older parents and grandparents, and they’re unlikely to be contacted by them through Facebook or PPC advertisements. I recently spoke with an unmarried couple from Houston who took my suggestion and sent 300 letters. They have also just signed a contract for a 36-unit property that will net them 10k each month.

9. Utilize other marketing strategies.

Don’t put all your marketing eggs into one basket! Utilize other strategies to ensure that you have an ongoing flow of deals. Make use of auctions and driving money, Craigslist, and the many other methods to find amazing off-market deals.

10. Practice, practice, practice analyzing deals.

For a small multifamily, you must be an expert in studying both commercial and residential deals. You must be aware that 2 to four unit properties are assessed by comparable sales and that 5 unit and higher properties are valued based on Cap Rate and NOI. One way you can get adept in analyzing deals is do it! Spend your time every day looking over deals and then kicking the tires. Practice, practice, practice! Provides an opportunity to invest in real estate by diversifying with Hotels and Short Term Rental Assets with the potential to generate income and grow in value.

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