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How to respond to an active shooter situation?

If you have not taken the active shooter training for individuals, it can be slightly complex to handle these situations. Businesses are often prone to the threat of active shooting. The motive of the shooter may often be unknown.

One of the major reasons these shooters target offices is because they are the most soft targets. The employees are completely defenseless. They do not have necessary ammunition to protect themselves. Therefore, it is often advisable to undergo proper active shooter training for businesses to protect the employees.

Tips to respond to an active shooter situation

An active shooter situation can be pretty unpredictable. It can cause a lot of damage. Therefore, it is necessary to identify the situation and learn how to fight it. If you ever watch the active shooter training video, they will teach you how to deal with any situation like that.

Some of the common tips to ensure safety against an active shooter situation include the following:


Whenever we are in a dangerous situation, our body follows the fight or flight response. If you haven’t taken any active shooter training for businesses, your main motive would be to take the flight response.

The best way to handle such situations is to run as fast as you can. If you know the layout of your office, make sure to find the nearest evacuation path and leave. It is advisable to distance yourself from the shooter as much as possible.

Here are some of the tips that you must follow when you run:

  • It is okay to leave your belongings behind. You can come back and pick them up later.
  • You need to have an escape route in your mind.
  • You must keep your hands empty but in your sight.
  • While you are on the run to protect yourself, make sure that you’re not harming the people around you.
  • You should have an escape route in your mind that you must follow.
  • If you feel that your escape path is accurate go towards it, even when no one wants to follow you.
  • Try to make yourself reach a safe place as soon as you can.


Hiding is one of the most effective responses our body will have to any such active shooter situation. If you cannot run, you must find a place to hide. Here are some of the tips to hide:

  • Choose a place that is out of view.
  • You should consider restricting your movement, so that the shooter does not detect.
  • Stay in a quiet and dark place. Therefore, turn off the lights and computers.
  • Keep your phone silent.
  • Hide behind objects like doors or under your table.
  • If you are in an office room, make sure to lock it using furniture or office equipment.


Fighting would be a response that you must take if you have taken the active shooter training for corporations. You must resist and act as aggressively as possible. You can consider improvising the weapons. However, make sure that you have proper preparations so that you can easily fight the gunmen.

Above all, be safe.

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