How To Upgrade to First Class on Alaska Airlines?

Elevating Your Journey: A Guide to First Class Upgrades on Alaska Airlines

Upgrading to first class on Alaska Airlines is a straightforward process. Once the appropriate time frame arrives, if a first class seat is available on your flight, you’ll be automatically upgraded. In case there are no immediate upgrades, you’ll be placed on a standby list, waiting for an available seat.

Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade, a popular choice among travelers, especially in the western United States, offers regular flights across 115 destinations including the US, Mexico, Canada, and Costa Rica. Its strong presence in key West Coast cities like Seattle, Portland, Anchorage, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, makes it a go-to option for many.

The airline is renowned for its Mileage Plan frequent flyer program, which has a strong following, and its recent inclusion in the Oneworld alliance has only added to its appeal. For those loyal to Alaska Airlines, understanding the nuances of their upgrade system is essential.

Whether you’re a regular or an occasional Alaska Airlines passenger, an upgrade can enhance your experience, be it for a business trip, a vacation to Mexico, or a connecting flight for a cruise from Anchorage.

This guide delves into the various ways to upgrade to first class on Alaska Airlines, including the hierarchy of elite upgrades and options for upgrading with miles or cash.

Exploring Upgrade Options on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers a variety of upgrades, mostly catering to its elite status travelers, though non-elite passengers also have opportunities.

Premium Class:

 Situated at the front of the main cabin, these seats offer extra legroom, early boarding, and free alcoholic drinks.

Elite Members:

These are frequent flyers who have earned elite status in the airline’s Mileage Plan.

Types of Upgrades:

Complimentary First Class Upgrades:

 Unlimited for elite members, based on status.

Fare Class Upgrades:

Eligible elite members can upgrade to Premium Class when buying certain fares, subject to availability.

Companion Upgrades

 Some elite members can upgrade a companion.

Guest Upgrades:

 Eligible elite members receive yearly guest upgrade certificates.

Paid Upgrades:

First Class

 Available for purchase by all travelers based on availability, 24 hours before departure.

Upgrade With Miles:

 Option to upgrade to first class using miles, subject to availability.

Purchasing an Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade:

You can upgrade an existing ticket through online check-in 24 hours before departure, with prices varying based on distance. Upgrades can also be secured at airport kiosks, ticket counters, or gates.

Note: Saver fares are ineligible for Elite upgrades at booking but may be upgraded on departure day, subject to availability and restrictions.

Upgrading to Premium Class:

Options include upgrading during booking, via the “Manage reservations” tool, or during check-in, if available. Elite members can also get free upgrades depending on their fare.

Note: Mileage Plan Miles can’t be used for upgrading to premium class, but if you have an award ticket booked with miles, you can upgrade to premium class for a cash payment.

Maximizing Your Rewards:

Consider various travel credit cards that offer benefits aligning with your travel needs. Each card comes with its unique perks, suitable for different types of travelers.

Understanding the Upgrade Waitlist:

Upgrades are processed based on elite status, fare class, Million Miler status, and booking time. The waitlist is available for viewing via the mobile app, gate information screens, or on Alaska Airlines’ website.

Companion Upgrades:

Certain elite members can upgrade companions on the same flight and reservation. However, reservations with more than one companion are not eligible for complimentary upgrades.

Automatic Upgrade Exceptions:

Automatic upgrades to Premium Class are subject to seat type availability. Note that passengers in exit row seats will not be automatically upgraded and must choose a Premium Class seat themselves within their eligibility window.

With this comprehensive guide, you’re now equipped to navigate the upgrade options on  Alaska Airlines First Class Upgrade, ensuring a more comfortable and enjoyable journey.


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