How To Use Customised Patches To Promote Your Business?

can also serve as an excellent tool for branding and marketing your valued business? At first glance, this might not seem like a great idea in our digital age. But that’s precisely what makes them so effective!

Contemporary marketing methods have their merits, but they often lack a crucial element – tangibility! As a result, they frequently fall short of leaving a lasting impression on the audience. However, by utilising something tangible like a customised emblem, you can ensure that your customers will remember your business for a long time.

This guide will tell you all about personalised patches and their significance in promoting and marketing your business. Let’s delve into the topic!

But First, What Are The Advantages Of Using Custom Badges As A Marketing Tool?

If you’re not entirely sure how this could benefit your business down the road, give these following advantages a read. They will surely change your mind!

  • Builds Brand Awareness

Unlike modern marketing methods, your audience and customers can show off the badges to the world. For instance, if you sell biker jackets, you can order motorcycle patches with your business name and logo printed on them.

Give them away for free at every purchase, and your customers are more than likely to attach them to their jackets. This way, every time they hit the road on their bike, more and more people will learn about your business – even those who have never heard your name before!

  • Boosts Brand Recognition

It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever had a meal at McDonalds or not, but it’s likely that the first name to pop into your mind when you see a yellow “M” on a red background is McDonald’s. That’s the power of brand recognition!

You don’t need to be in the market for decades to achieve the same effect for your own business. Simply distributing customised badges can yield remarkable results! Think back to the earlier point: imagine hundreds of people looking at your logo every day. How long do you think it would take to establish strong brand recognition? Probably only a few months!

  • Durable And Long-Lasting

Customers are more inclined to hold onto something if they think it is durable. Consider shopping bags as an example: we often discard paper bags, but if it’s made from fabric, it’s likely to find a spot in the kitchen drawer specifically reserved for shopping bags.

So, if you design an appealing and durable badge for your business, people will definitely keep it, even if they don’t use it. However, that’s not a problem either. The point is not to make them use it anyway, it’s to promote your business!

If they safely keep the patch somewhere in their home, they will frequently come across it. And so will the guests that come over! Ultimately, they will always turn to your brand whenever they need something that you offer!

  • Cost-Effective

Can you please pull out your financial reports and take a look at how much your advertising has been costing you? It’s probably hundreds of pounds if your primary marketing channels are search engines, social media, and print media.

It’s no wonder why marketing is considered to be the most expensive department of a business. But do you know you can minimise this cost by around 3 folds if you only make one simple change? Ditch these prevalent marketing methods and consider promoting your business with patches!

Compared to other techniques, they will only cost you a fraction of your previous expenses. Besides, you’ll probably be ordering in large quantities, so that will also qualify you for a discount since most suppliers offer that deal! In fact, you can even get wholesale chenille patches if you order in bulk!

4 Unique Ways To Use Custom Patches For Promoting Your Business

  • Hand Them Out As Giveaways

If your business isn’t already hosting giveaways from time to time, it’s worth considering starting this practice. Giveaways are an excellent way to show appreciation to your customers and keep them engaged. Plus, receiving freebies tends to make them feel happy and valued!

When you’re putting together these goodie bags, consider adding a custom badge as part of the decoration or including it with the other items. Unexpected surprises like this can often bring the most joy, and if your patch is both durable and attractive, they will probably really appreciate it!

  • Add Them To Your Employees’ Uniforms

Do you know what lies at the heart of every successful company? It’s a dedicated and cohesive team. It’s crucial for your employees to feel like they’re part of a larger community where everyone shares something in common.

You can nurture this sense of community by providing personalised appliques. Make it mandatory for employees to wear them either on their uniforms or regular clothes. This way, everyone will feel equal, regardless of their differences.

This idea is especially beneficial for retail store workers. Customers often need assistance, but it can be challenging to distinguish a staff member from a fellow customer. If all your workers wear a custom badge featuring your brand’s logo, it would be much easier for people to identify whom to approach for help!

  • Distribute Them At Corporate Events

Planning a corporate event? This is your best chance to introduce personalised embroidered patches UK for your business. Your employees, shareholders, and customers are all expecting to have a great time when they show up.

Considering human nature, we all are big fans of free stuff. Businesses usually give out company swag in their events, so why not throw in a custom badge in the gift bag too? We’re telling you, everyone is going to love the idea since this is a fairly new practice, so you might end up pleasantly surprising some of your attendees!

  • Stand With A Cause

We’re currently in an era where social awareness is paramount. Even a hint of discrimination or injustice can understandably upset people. For instance, consider the time when #MeToo was trending; it gained widespread attention, and businesses that supported the cause received significant appreciation.

You have the opportunity to do the same. Identify a worthwhile cause and stand firmly behind it. Introduce customised emblems that reflect your support and distribute them among people. Trust us, this is one of the fastest ways to make people aware of and respect your business!

Key Takeaway: Unlock Your Business’s Full Potential By Promoting It With Customised Patches

While using patches to promote your business may seem like a new concept to you, it’s gaining popularity. Soon, it may become just another marketing tactic used to catch customers’ attention.

Now, ask yourself: Do you want to join the crowd when there are already many people on board? Or would you prefer to give it a try right now and be one of the first brands to adopt this marketing strategy? The choice is yours, but if you aim for impressive results, the latter is the smart move!

There are countless ways to use emblems for marketing purposes. Just unleash your creativity and do what suits your business best!

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