You are pretty familiar with the working process and use of a lab incubator. But, it is quite important to use it properly so that you can extend its longevity. As you know, laboratory equipment usually cannot be repaired easily and need to be replaced. Thus, with proper usage, you also save the cost of replacement.

So, let’s guide you through the correct way to use Refrigerated Incubators.

Place the incubators properly

The positioning of any equipment is very much essential to decide whether it will run efficiently or not. It would help if you chose a place that has fewer possibilities of contamination. So, avoid doorways and vents areas as they can increase the chances of growth of microbes.

Monitor the temperature

Never place it under direct sunlight as it can tamper with the temperature and generate issues with the anti-condensation switch. Even dampness and humidity can interrupt the ideal incubator temperature and generate contaminations.

If the temperatures start to fluctuate, then it can destroy the existing cultures or even inhibit the growth. Try not to open and close the door with any purpose. You can also choose to install a door lock facility.

Monitor CO2

Tissues and cell culture are quite sensitive to CO2 changes. And, so you must keep a close eye on its fluctuation. These Laboratory Incubators usually come with a CO2 sensor that you need to analyse in order to maintain a constant ph.

Clean the incubator

A contaminated incubator can tamper with the results. So, make it a routine to clean the incubator at least once a week. Change the water in the pan and adjust the humidity level. Check whether all the parts are working poorly.

If the incubator has a HEPA filter, check whether there is any particle trapped. It would be best to replace these filters at least once a year.


You not only have to monitor the changes in the temperature but also calibrate it regularly. This helps to detect a power outage or spill. Thus, safeguarding the incubators during sensitive experiments.

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