AllIndiaEvent, today we are going to talk about ICICI Bank share price target by 2022, 2023, 2025, 2030, in which direction the performance of this private bank related to the banking sector can be seen going in the coming years, today we will try to know.

In the last few years, there has been a lot of improvement in the performance of ICICI Bank, which is also seen giving a big competition to the country’s largest bank HDFC, due to which investors are expecting big growth in the coming time. Huh.

Today, along with analyzing the business of ICICI Bank thoroughly, we will also look at the upcoming opportunities of the bank, so that we will get a good idea of ​​how much ICICI Bank share price target is capable of showing in the coming days. Let us analyze in detail-

ICICI Bank share price target 2022

In the private banking sector, ICICI Bank is the second largest bank in India, currently the bank offers many products and services to its customers, which include banking related functions as well as Insurance, Venture capital, Assets Management and more.

Also, many services are provided to the customer. Looking at the last few years, every business segment of the company has seen very good growth, due to which the bank is showing good growth in the business. The Right Time to Buy share When to Buy shares.

If you look at the sources of ICICI Bank’s main revenue, then the bank gets the highest revenue from the retail banking segment, but apart from this, the bank is slowly increasing its market share in the insurance and assets management segment with the help of its subsidiary company.

Have been In the coming days, as ICICI Bank will be seen increasing the market share in each of its segments, there is going to be a good growth in the business.

With the increase in the market share in every segment of the bank, ICICI Bank share price target showing very good growth till 2022, you are going to see the first target of Rs 850. After this target is in interest, you can soon see another target of Rs 870.

ICICI Bank share price target 2023

Talking about the branch network of ICICI Bank, the bank’s business is quite spread in different advanced countries like India as well as international market USA, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Dubai, China, UK, Canada and Germany.

Today, ICICI Bank’s branch network is more than 5300 branches and 15200+ ATM network is seen in India as well as international, in which about 30 percent branches are spread only in metro city.

Slowly, to make its branch network strong everywhere, ICICI Bank is continuously opening its branches in every small village and city.

The management is constantly working on the complete plan to open new branches keeping in mind the rapidly growing opportunities of the bank in the rural areas of India, which will definitely benefit the bank with the expansion in the business in the coming times.

Looking at the rapidly expanding business of the bank everywhere, ICICI Bank share price target can be seen showing you 1000 rupees as well as earning very good returns till 2023. After that, you can look for the second target which is Rs 1040 interest.

ICICI Bank share price target 2025

To maintain its dominance in the banking sector, ICICI Bank has always been very much ahead on technology and innovation, they also launched India’s first mobile banking apps and still ICICI Bank developed the first universal banking apps.

In which the customer of every bank can do banking transactions, due to which the bank is able to cross sell its different types of service to its customer as well as other customers very easily.

ICICI Bank is always able to provide new new offers and many facilities to the customer from time to time due to always being updated in technology in its banking system, due to which every year, more and more customers are seen due to good service to the customer.

ICICI Bank seems to be successful in attracting its kind. In the coming days also, as ICICI Bank will be seen providing new facilities to the customers with the help of its updated technology, there is going to be a big boom in the performance of the bank gradually.

Due to the technology being updated at the right time by the bank, ICICI Bank share price target can be expected to show you the first target of Rs. And then you can consider holding the second target for Rs 1450.

ICICI Bank share price target 2030

Looking at the loan book of ICICI Bank, the bank is constantly trying its best to reduce its NPA, for which the bank is showing maximum focus towards retail loans for the last few years, among them also.

The percentage of mortgage-loan in the retail loan of the bank is very high, due to which the percentage of NPA of the bank is decreasing every year, as well as the asset quality is gradually improving.

Also, in the ICICI Bank corporate loan book, it is seen distributing more and more loans to the same corporate which has the best credit rating, due to which the default loans in ICICI Bank’s corporate loans have also been seen to be very less since the last few years.

Similarly, if the bank is able to keep its NPAs under control by improving its loan book even further, then in the coming time ICICI Bank is going to show good performance in the private banking sector.

In the long run, given this excellent performance of the bank, ICICI Bank share price target by 2030, giving very good returns to the shareholders, there is every possibility of showing the share price around Rs 3000.

Future of ICICI Bank share

If we look at the banking sector in the whole of India with regard to the future, there is a huge scope for growth, even now, a large population of rural areas of India is very far from any kind of banking service, the way ICICI Bank It is seen spreading its banking service in every area, due to which the bank can gradually attract the customers of rural areas very easily in the coming time.

Along with this, due to the increasing technology leadership of ICICI Bank in the banking sector, the bank can easily capture the market of different segments of the financial sector such as SME Lending, Payment Ecosystem, Merchant Banking with great speed, due to which Gradually in the future, ICICI Bank shows full potential to achieve leadership position in the private banking sector.

Risk of ICICI Bank share

Talking about the biggest risk in any bank, Berhotori affects the bank the most in NPA, if you look at the NPA of ICICI Bank, then the main competitor is much higher than HDFC, due to which in the coming times, if the bank fails to keep its NPA under control. If so, there may be an environment of decline in the share price in future as well.

Talking about the second risk, there are many competitors in every segment of ICICI Bank. It may face a lot of difficulty in the coming days to maintain its dominance in each of its business segments.

My opinion:-

There is no doubt that in the coming times, with India’s economy gradually improving, a big growth is definitely going to be seen in the banking sector, which along with taking advantage of the rest of the banks, ICICI Bank is also taking good care of it.

The way ICICI Bank’s asset quality is improving every year and financially is also showing growth with a very good growth, it is expected to earn good returns to the shareholders in the long run. are seen.

But keep in mind that before taking any investment decision, do not forget to analyze the stock yourself or take the advice of your financial advisor at all.

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