If you’re trying to raise money these lessons are essential for you. They are areas that you can improve upon. We are currently in the final stretch of closing on the 130-unit apartment community. Here are three things we have that we learned from our fund-raising event, in which we raised $3,500,000 over 10 days.

It Requires a Team

While it is possible to accomplish it on your own for a limited scale or even for your first transaction I would suggest you look for the best team to assist you grow. We take our investment very carefully, and we ensure that each item is executed correctly. The thing we were able to do well in this raise was employing the services of professional editors to ensure our content was top-quality and allowed us to have more time to concentrate on more important tasks such as talking to investors. We paid editors who freelance to assist us in creating illustrations, color schemes and layout designs for our investor overview and presentation materials. Additionally, we employed a videographer who was a freelancer to make a 60-second property video. It’s not very expensive, and they can give you professional materials so you can impress investors.

Share and Follow-Up

We did an excellent job of creating our investment materials and then getting it into the inboxes of investors with whom we have established relations with. We monitored email open rates and click through rates to figure out the extent to which follow-up was necessary. We followed up with direct personal messages or text messages or phone calls to individuals to make sure that they were aware of the opportunity there. This enabled us to raise money within a matter of one week.


Everyone needs practice and constant improvement in conversations with investors. Before you talk about raising money, discuss your thoughts with you in your mirror. Try to solicit money from your pet, or practice with your friend, or even practice with a banker in your area. Whatever you do, do not start your conversation in front of one of the prospective investors. It is recommended to try at least five times to master your key talking points, and also be in a position to listen to your partner to learn what’s important to them so that you can give them the right details.

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