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An IP PBX is a complete telephony system that provides telephone calls over IP data networks. Convox IP PBX offers the most advanced features in the ip pbx industry. Can be integrated, linked and Work along with external pbx working.

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An internet protocol phone branch exchange is a traffic handling solution that acts as a gatekeeper of an organization. It is a telephony system for business processes that allows calls of the contact center to function using VoIP. The best tip for choosing an IP-PBX is to understand the call transmissions through the phone using internet protocol. This system is preferred by businesses because it is a cost-efficient solution as compared to the conventional IPPBX system. In addition to this, another attribute of its popularity is that it is easy to use and does not require additional hardware for setting up.

To streamline the process of communication small businesses are adopting this solution. There are many solution providers available now so, finding the best for you is not a daunting task. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose one provider as all are offering the same services. You need to consider a few tips for choosing an IP-PBX provider for your enterprise to enhance your productivity.


As compared to a traditional branch exchange telephony system, an IP-PBX is easy to install and can be done within a few hours. Before choosing your provider, you should take a demo of IVR solutions for a few providers to check the process of their installation.


An IP-PBX is a cloud-based phone system that comes with various cooperative features. The first and foremost is to offer a secure environment because a huge amount of data needs to be transferred. This broadcast communication is one of the best tips for choosing an IP-PBX solution so any type of breach incident should not happen and become a hamper for the image of your company.

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