Debit cards are safe against fraudulent transactions also, due because of the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (EFTA). However, the liability can increase by up to $500 if do not notify the bank within two days. Additionally, the funds in your bank account could held in a bind as the bank investigates the fraud. This can be a major issue in the event that you have bills due.

Credit cards typically limit the amount of fraud to $50, whereas you’re responsible for up to $500 with credit card. GETTY IMAGES

Another reason to protect your traveler photos credit card is when there’s problems with the product or services you purchased and your card’s issuer could assist you in getting the refund. This protection is once again, due to the FCBA. Imagine that you placed an order for a product but didn’t receive it. Naturally, you’ll need to try to negotiate the matter with the retailer first. However, if they are unable to assist you (it occurs) You can dispute the transaction with your credit card issuer.

If you’d purchas the same item using credit card in travel Your bank isn’t legally bound to investigate or take action on the matter. The only kind of dispute that banks must investigate under EFTA is fraud on the debit card.

Debit cards

Debit cards are connect with bank accounts. When you use your debit card to make a purchase, the money is taken immediately (or within a few weeks) from the bank account. If you try to use the debit card in order to purchase items which are greater than what you’ve deposited, your bank will likely deny the transaction. However, credit cards function as a non-secure, mobile loan. You may get a loan (up to your maximum credit amount) and then pay it back in addition to borrowing more. You can continue this process as you have an account remains active and having good credit standing.

When you use cards on your billing cycle you will see the charge added your monthly statement. It is your choice to best time to travel to Greece pay the full balance prior to the date it is due (strongly recommend) or at least the minimum amount needed to cover the balance due.


Many people avoid from credit cards due to the fear of getting into financial difficulties that could be severe through the accumulation of balances on credit cards. This is a valid worry because the rates of interest for credit cards are typically very high and can add up quickly. It is essential to cut down on the debt on your credit card However, you can still benefit from the rewards on credit cards with careful utilization of credit cards.


In addition the credit card you use in travel may offer additional advantages, such as protection against purchases, extended warranties and price protection. These benefits can helpful when the item you purchase is damage or if the price of the item you purchase suddenly decreases. There aren’t many credit cards that offer these wonderful benefits, but they’re not commonplace with debit cards.

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