I could go on forever discussing this, but I’ll try to keep it brief. There are a few things I believe really illustrate why renting property is an excellent investment. One of the issues I’d like to discuss is the tangible nature of this investment. You can leave and feel it. If you see it, you can control it. Here’s the notion that your investment is significantly more concrete when investing in the Rental Property rather than putting your money into the marketplace like stocks, bonds or options, all sorts of things. The concept of having an investment that is tangible is something that most people are looking at when searching for ways to invest.

Another reason to make it an investment that is worth it is the degree of control you’re in control of. For some they might be scared of their sanity. For others they feel a sense of security in knowing they are in control of their money. To some extent, you’re in all control over your tenant. Naturally, natural disasters, and similar things that can happen, however you’re in complete control over the condition of your property, the type of tenant you place there, what kind of tenant they are, and more importantly, the type of profit that you’re getting from that property.

You can have control over the way your money is used as well as what happens to your home as well as the fate of your investment and many people find confidence in this concept. They’re not giving their money to a financial advisor or putting it in a mutual fund hoping that it will do the things they’re hoping to accomplish. When you rent properties, you are able to decide whatever you’d like to do depending on the market situation which is a major advantage. Another thing I’m about to talk about is the capability of creating short and long-term wealth.

If, in the short term, you purchase the correct property that is in line with your objectives and also meets your ROI benchmark and you’re able to earn money each month. You’ll earn an extra amount of cash every month which you can put to use for any purpose. You can make use of it to take that dream vacation you’ve always wanted to travel to or get rid of debt. Perhaps you’ll utilize it to save enough so that you can quit the 9–5 routine and quit the race to enjoy more quality time with the loved ones or maybe you’ll decide to save it , then make it snowball and transform it into a new investment property. You’re also building short-term wealth, and simultaneously you’re creating this long-term wealth as the longer you keep this property, the more you’re earning equity in the property.

If you intend to keep it for a very long time, you might possibly be able to pay it off in the future, or, if I’m being honest, you’re not planning to make the payment, however, your tenants will pay for it. When they paid the property, and you earned cash throughout the process, you’ll have to sell it and earn the cash lump sum that you’ll earn from the sale of the property. There is definitely a benefit for building short- as well as long-term wealth. And I could go on, but I’ll suggest that these are a few of the most important reasons investors begin to invest in rental properties and the reasons why they believe that renting out rental properties is beneficial.

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