Jawline slimming, also referred to as masseters reduction, is a cosmetic procedure wherein neurotoxin botulinum type A is injected into an individual’s masseter muscles to make one’s jaw appear to be more feminine and slim. When you look for treatment procedures related to jawline slimming in Perth. You will get many good doctors and clinics to choose from.

The masseter muscles happen to be the muscles that are found at the jaw’s angle and regulate several types of movements pertaining to your mouth. When you suffer from a medical condition named bruxism, your jawline assumes a square-like shape and you end up grinding or clenching your teeth more often than you should.

Effects of Bruxism

Grinding or clenching one’s teeth are often described as involuntary movements. However, when you clench your jaw or grind your teeth unconsciously, it is referred to as bruxism. Across the world, a large number of people suffer from this condition without being aware of it.

Bruxism can lead to you grinding or clenching your teeth during the night while sleeping. There is also a good possibility of it occurring when you are participating in some activity that requires a good amount of concentration or makes you feel extremely stressed.

Bruxism results in your muscles, which are very close to your jaw, suffering from hypertrophic growth. Slowly, this culminates into your face assuming an unnatural square shape. Apart from making your face look odd, bruxism also causes a good amount of discomfort and pain. All this can be cured with jawline slimming treatment.

What Does The Treatment Procedure Involve?

During the jawline slimming treatment procedure, botulinum toxin is injected into the masseter muscles in small doses. While injecting it, the doctor ensures that it gets distributed across different areas in your muscles. Apart from helping your muscles become calm or relaxed, it reduces the effects of masseter hypertrophy. Depending on the condition of your jaw and other factors. You should see effective results within 2-7 weeks of undergoing this treatment procedure.

When you visit a reputed clinic like dermedica for jawline slimming in Perth, you can expect to see positive results without any major side effects. It must be remembered that this type of treatment procedure is not recommended for pregnant women.

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