Know about the Female to Male Surgery Cost in India

In recent years, gender reassignment surgery (GRS) has gained popularity with the increasing awareness of the various cosmetic and medical advancements made in body sculpting procedures. GRS is a surgical option sought by those individuals who are dissatisfied with their lifestyle and feel more comfortable living with the opposite sex. This condition in medical terms is known as ‘gender dysphoria.

Gender Reassignment Surgery or Gender affirming surgery includes a range of surgical procedures for those transitioning from female to male or vice versa to help with gender dysphoria. Gender Reassignment surgery is one of the primary steps in the gender transformation process, which also includes psycho-social adjustments for instance hormone therapy, mental therapy, speech therapy, and pelvic floor physiotherapy. The surgical procedure includes a combination of surgical procedures like facial surgery, bottom surgery, or top surgery. Gender-affirming surgeries help the patient feel and look more masculine or feminine.

As Gender Reassignment Surgery is being studied and explored to a greater extent, the known benefits of life after this surgery continue to grow. Today, with the rise in the number of Gender dysphoria cases more individuals are undergoing sex reassignment surgery. Most people who choose this surgery report improved quality of life and mental health.

Many patients with gender dysphoria have concerns before making a decision about this life-changing surgical procedure. As it is a highly sensitive decision, you need to mull over certain factors to choose the best surgeon for Gender Reassignment Surgery. Be it a female-to-male surgery or vice versa the outcome of the surgery depends on the experience and knowledge of the surgeon. You must be aware of the benefits and risks involved in this surgical procedure. To learn about the available options as per your medical condition, speak with a knowledgeable surgeon who can assist you and suggest the best treatment to achieve the desired result.

However, for many patients opting for Female to Male Surgery Cost is also one of the main elements to consider before making a decision. Below are mentioned a few elements of the overall cost of Gender Reassignment Surgery.

Geographical Location- The geographical location of the patient is one of the elements that affect the treatment cost. If you are looking to avail the treatment in urban areas the cost may elevate.

Surgeon’s Knowledge: Medical professionals and surgeons with extensive experience and knowledge usually charge higher fees for their services.

Anesthesia For patient comfort, Anesthesia is given to the patients during the surgery, the total medical bill of the surgery may include the cost of Anesthesia which could result in higher prices.

Facilities at the hospital- A hospital that provides state-of-the-art and modern facilities for patient comfort and seamless treatment may elevate the cost.

Surgical Procedure: Gender Reassignment Surgery is complex and includes multiple surgeries. Some people could need to undergo different surgeries to achieve the desired result which may elevate the price.

The average cost for Gender Reassignment Surgery is:

The average female-to-male surgery Cost in the United States is around $40,000. Whereas female-to-male surgery cost in India is $13,000.

Patients need to understand and be clear about what is included in the price quotation given by the hospital or doctor for Gender Reassignment Surgery. If you have decided to undergo the knife of a surgeon then it is crucial for you to find an experienced surgeon and the best hospital accredited by Global Healthcare.

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