Link building is a major part of your SEO strategy and should be treated as such. Don’t fall victim to this common misconception that these links you’re building will only drive traffic.

How Link Building Strategies Work

As with any marketing tactic, quality highly correlates with ROI. While most marketers ignore this truth, it shouldn’t be ignored when it comes to link building. In order to be successful at link building, you must invest time in researching and analyzing the profiles of various blog networks, communities or directories. Make sure the links you build are relevant to your business and industry/niche as well as are high-quality and visible on Google’s first page or first few SERP results.

Which Link Building Strategies work

Google penalizes websites that have been manipulated to artificially boost their ranking
instead of focusing on quality, relevant and natural links. While it is important to have plenty of inbound links, any link building strategy that manipulates Google’s PageRank can lead Google to penalize your website, damaging your overarching link building SEO strategy and killing your website traffic.

Content marketing is the cornerstone of your online success, but you can’t simply create great content and hope to see results. To create long term brand awareness, Google prefers websites to build backlinks organically rather than buying or exchanging links. When you invest in white hat SEO techniques and producing link worthy content, your website will likely earn backlinks naturally – meaning other websites will share your post or cite you as their source. In fact, if Google can find the source of a website using natural language then it’s likely that it will be ranked higher for that site.

A solid link building strategy requires the presence of excellent outreach skills. The potential of your link building SEO strategy significantly hinges on your outreach skills. If you send bad outreach emails to your prospects, you can guarantee that you’ll remain ignored or, worse, tagged as spam, leaving your outreach campaign ineffective.

One should avoid burning backlinks mindlessly as it is understood that the given websites are using cheap gimmicks to rank higher on search engines. We have made a blog already as How to attract new and more online customers to websites.

Focusing on Quantity Over Quality

Link Building strategy must include quality backlinks over quantity. It is understood that Google guidelines are such that only relevant and high quality content link building is presumed a good backlinks otherwise spammy content is understood. You can also read free online seo tutorial for beginner.

In the end, You should always focus on the above points in order to build good link building strategies and avoid getting caught in spam. You will rank your website higher in search engines after having noticed the above points and implement it in your link building strategy.

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