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Martech Interview with JR Sherman on Event Marketing

Martech Interview with JR Sherman on Event Marketing

JR Sherman highlights in an Martech interview on event marketing trends and why is it critical to prioritize event marketing in your martech stack. The level of customer commitment to engage in virtual or in-person content for hours or days offers unique insights into content preferences and purchasing cycles. RainFocus is an experiential software company that integrates data management, marketing automation, and strategic event management within a single platform.

What makes RainFocus unique is that it’s led by industry veterans who know the challenges of B2B sales and marketing and have been a part of the last two-plus decades of event marketing, predicting upcoming trends and crucial innovations much easier. Showcasing how an end-to-end event engagement platform can completely change how you plan and host events, choosing a platform for your event channel vs. purchasing apps and tools for each event can rapidly enhance and accelerate your overall marketing strategy and company’s growth.

An integrated event marketing platform is the leading provider of real-time data on customer preferences and interests, providing continuous insight to accelerate engagement and buying cycles in conjunction with traditional digital marketing strategies. Events played a far more significant role in marketing strategies and customer relationships than most gave it credit. Because of the precise level at which marketers can gauge engagement and interest within events, marketers can now seamlessly use event marketing and digital marketing to develop relationships and automate personalization at scale.

About JR Sherman – JR Sherman is the CEO of RainFocus. With more than 20 years of leading highly impactful service and SaaS businesses, Sherman is highly regarded for his expertise in SaaS, events, marketing and experiential marketing. 

About RainFocus – RainFocus is a next-generation event marketing platform built from the ground up to capture, analyze, and harness an unprecedented amount of data for significantly better events and conferences.

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