Certqueen Microsoft AZ-400 questions and answers

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Certqueen Microsoft AZ-400 questions and answers

You manage build pipelines and deployment pipelines by using Azure DevOps. Your company has a team of 500 developers. New members are added continual lo the team You need to automate me management of users and licenses whenever possible Which task must you perform manually?
A. modifying group memberships
B. procuring licenses
C. adding users
D. assigning entitlements
Answer: B

You have a brand policy in a project in Azure DevOps. The policy requires that code always builds successfully. You need to ensure that a specific user can always merge change to the master branch, even if the code fails to compile. The solution must use the principle of least privilege. What should you do?
A. From the Security setting of the repository, modify the access control tor the user.
B. From the Security settings of the branch, modify the access control for the user.
C. Add the user to the Build Administrators group,
D. Add the user to the Project Administrators group
Answer: B

Your company uses Azure DevOps for the build pipelines and deployment pipelines of Java based projects. You need to recommend a strategy for managing technical debt. Which two actions should you include in the recommendation? Each correct answer presents part of the solution. NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.
A. Integrate Azure DevOps and SonarQube.
B. Integrates Azure DevOPs and Azure DevTest Labs.
C. Configure post-deployment approvals in the deployment pipeline.
D. Configure pre-deployment approvals in the deployment pipeline.
Answer: AC

You are developing a multi-tier application. The application will use Azure App Service web apps as the front end and an Azure SQL database as the back end. The application will use Azure functions to write some data to Azure Storage. You need to send the Azure DevOps team an email message when the front end fails to return a status code of 200. Which feature should you use?
A. Service Map in Azure Log Analytics
B. Profiler in Azure Application Insights
C. availability tests in Azure Application Insights
D. Application Map in Azure Application Insights
Answer: C

You have an Azure Resource Manager template that deploys a multi-tier application. You need to prevent the user who performs the deployment from viewing the account credentials and connection strings used by the application. What should you use?
A. an Azure Resource Manager parameter file
B. an Azure Storage table
C. an Appsettings.json files
D. Azure Key Vault
E. a Web.config file
Answer: D

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