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Mini Kabob or Regular ‘Kebab’ Platters from a Local Eatery that Prepares Everything Fresh

When you’re around this place or cafeteria, it feels like you’re in the streets of the Middle East, with all the aromas, scents and flavors reigniting your olfactory senses. Yes, I’m talking sense and giving out facts! Here in Glendale, CA, there’s a local restaurant and cafeteria by the name of “Art’s Bakery & Cafe” that is known for its delicious kabob dishes and ‘filling’ family platters, prepared fresh from lamb, pork, beef and chicken, apart from fish. Other than the ever popular kabobs, it is the kotlets, meat wraps, Uzbek Pilafs, Harissa, chops, bacon chunks and ribs that can easily salivate your tongue. But, it is the lamb, pork, beef & chicken kabobs that are the all-time favorite with local foodies, meat lovers and gastronomic enthusiasts that always had a soft corner for kabob platters. It is because they get to taste a variety of meat preparations, all fresh, tender, smooth & juicy. You can taste some finger licking chicken Lulah kabob, beef Lulah kabob, beef shish kabob, family kabob platter, chicken boneless thigh kabob, beef Lulah kabob wrap, and lots more. This is how you can make your weekends truly satisfying to the senses.

Freshly Prepared Chicken, Lamb & Beef Kabobs that Create a Lip Smacking Effect

If you want to enjoy your weekends with your better half, by tasting some mouthwatering meat preparations here in Glendale, there cannot be a better place than one such local cafeteria. You simply order your mini kabob platter online, which is enough for two persons, and get to taste some authentic meat preparations by master chefs. It is freshly prepared from the finest meat cuts, mashed, sprinkled and marinated with fresh herbs, sauces, spices, pepper and cream, producing that tender and juicy effect, as it beautifully melts in your mouth. So, it is one such mini kabob Glendale platter from a famed eatery or restaurant that can easily satisfy your taste buds. It is by serving you some authentic kabob dishes, made from different types of meat. It is like an explosion of aromas inside your mouth, as you feel the smell and taste of these soft kabobs that you try out with fried rice or Pilaf. It is altogether a ‘one of a kind’ experience, when you get to taste the best of the Middle East & Asia, right here in Glendale, California.

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