Nighthawk XR1000 Keeps Going Offline [Resolved]

Nighthawk XR1000 is one of the most popular gaming wireless routers launched by Netgear. Many netizens have installed them to cover the internet dead zones in their house with a blazing-fast internet speed. However, it has been found that the Nighthawk XR1000 keeps going offline issue is ruining the internet usage experience of numerous users these days. Are you also one of them? If yes, then it might be happening because of a lack of a firmware update. Therefore, you should go for the Netgear XR1000 firmware update without any delay. Walk through the next section to know how.

How to Update Netgear XR1000 Firmware?

To equip your Nighthawk XR1000 wireless router with the latest firmware version, you are required to access its admin panel. For this, load an already installed web browser on the computer. Be very sure that your computer is connected to the router’s WiFi network and that the web browser is working on the newest software version.

Into the browser’s address bar, input the default web or your XR1000 wireless router, and proceed by hitting Enter. Complete the login process of the wireless router using a valid user name and password. Thereafter, you need to look for the Management option and find the Firmware Update section. Once you reach there, select the Check Now option to examine the availability of a new firmware version. In case a new version is available, the prompts appearing on the screen will help you complete the process. But, follow the tips highlighted in the next section if you are unable to fix the Netgear XR1000 keeps going offline issue even after installing the latest firmware version.

Fixed: Netgear XR1000 Keeps Going Offline

Check the Power Supply: Your WiFi router might be bothering you by going offline every now and then because of an improper power supply. Are you sure that your router is getting a stable power supply? Well, there’s nothing wrong in verifying the same. Just look at the power source to which you have connected the XR1000 wireless gaming router. Just in case it is found damaged, you are suggested to make use of another socket to power up the router. Do not hesitate to rope in a UPS for the power-supplying job if the area in which you reside suffers from regular power outages.

Restart the Router: Restarting or power cycling can also help you get rid of the Netgear XR1000 keeps going offline problem. Remember that when a device falls victim to technical glitches, it is most likely to experience the issue in the discussion. But, the best part is that restarting the router can help you get rid of them. The only easiest effort required from your end is to unplug the wireless router from its respective power outlet and keep it idle for some time. Once done, you can power up the router by connecting it to the wall outlet again. You can power cycle the modem also.

Check the Internet Connection: You might feel like facing the Netgear router keeps going offline issue if the internet connection is poor. It can happen when the router is not connected to the modem properly. But, there are chances that the connection between your devices is weak. Thus, pay attention to the LAN cable connecting both devices. For your information, using a damaged cable can cause issues while accessing the Nighthawk setup wizard. Therefore, replace it as soon as possible. Apart from this, ensure that the cable is perfectly connected to the Ethernet ports of your XR1000 router and the main modem.

Finally, Reset the Router

Resetting the router should be the last option that should be opted for if you are still getting the Netgear XR1000 keeps going offline issue. You can do so with the aid of the Reset button located on the router’s back panel. Press it carefully and release it after 15 seconds. Once done, set up the router again either using the mobile app or using the URL.

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