All across the globe, workplaces experience a daily dread of tracking and recording employee working hours. Anyone who has to endure this daily knows that it’s a tedious and time consuming task. 

There is no doubt that documenting an employee’s hours is essential. But although this idea originates from good intentions, its execution needs to be more professional.

Companies are beginning to recognize the potential of automated timesheet solutions as an asset in tracking employee attendance. As these systems offer ease and efficiency, they have become more prevalent across many businesses. 

But before we delve into their advantages, it’s important to examine why manual recording practices fall short.

4 Downsides of Manual Timesheets

1. Employees don’t always log their actual working hours

One of the downsides of manual timesheets is that employees don’t always log their actual working hours. It means that employers may not be accurately compensated for the time their staff spends working, which can result in financial losses. It also reduces productivity as there is a lack of oversight of employee activity during work hours. 

2. Prone to manual errors 

Manual timesheets leave room for inaccuracies due to manual errors in tracking time, such as recording an incorrect number of hours worked, breaks, leaves, etc.    

Moreover, manual timesheets require employers to manually approve and submit data for payroll, leading to costly delays and more potential for mistakes.

Finally, without a reliable automated tracking system like Workstatus or Timely, it can be difficult for employers to track trends or patterns in employee work habits, resulting in potential operational inefficiencies.

3. Approving timesheets is time consuming

Approving timesheets can be time consuming because it requires verifying and validating hours and other employee information that has been recorded throughout the pay period. 

Additionally, any discrepancies or errors must be reviewed and corrected before final approval. 

Furthermore, multiple levels of approvals may need to be performed by supervisors or managers, adding additional steps and review time.

4. Difficult to manage overtime

Managing overtime with manual timesheets can be difficult because of the added complexity it creates for keeping accurate and up-to-date records. It requires additional resources and effort to track employee hours, calculate overtime correctly, and manage payment accordingly. 

What is the Automation of Timesheets?

The automation of Timesheets is a process that allows employees to quickly and accurately enter their time worked and related data, such as projects worked on or tasks completed, into an automated timesheet system. 

The system automatically calculates total hours, wages, and other important metrics that efficiently track employee performance and hours worked. 

Automation of timesheets also enables companies to manage labor more efficiently while minimizing costly administrative overhead.

Understanding How Automated Online Timesheets Work

To start the cycle, staff members must initiate the timesheet software by filling in the details of their work. And then submit it to their supervisor.

After getting the required approval from the supervisor, the timesheet is sent to HR for verification and subsequently to payroll.

That’s it.

No papers, no time theft, no buddy punching, no complaints.

Everything is just simple and quick.

6 Must Have Features in Automated Timesheets System

Online timesheets for employees must include the following essential features:

1. Ease of Use

 Employees should be able to quickly and easily navigate the system with minimal instruction or training. 

The system should have an intuitive user interface that’s easy to understand, so employees can easily log their time and make any necessary corrections.

 Additionally, look for an automated timesheet system that offers customizable fields, allowing you to tailor the timesheet to your specific needs. 

It will ensure that data collection is as efficient and straightforward as possible, enabling employees to quickly enter their time and move on to more important tasks.

2.  Automatic Clock in and Clock out

One of the essential features to look for when choosing an automated online timesheet management system is to clock in and out automatically. 

This feature can save time, money, and stress, eliminating the need for manual entry or manual clock-in and out processes. 

With this feature, employees can simply check in and out with their smartphone or any device connected to the internet, eliminating the need for manual entry or any other tedious process. 

In addition, this feature helps ensure that there is no mismanagement of time, preventing fraud and errors.

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3. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking makes tracking your mobile employees’ hours easier and provides detailed information about their locations and movements throughout the day. 

This data can improve accuracy, efficiency, and security. It can also be used for route optimizations and to inform management about potential areas of improvement. 

GPS tracking is one of the essential features of any automated timesheet system and should not be overlooked.

4. Mobile Access

Another great feature that an automated timesheet system should have is mobile access. 

It means that employees’ hours can be easily tracked from their phones, making it more convenient and allowing them to stay productive even when they’re away from the office. 

The mobile app should also be secure and have the same features as the desktop version, so employers can stay updated with their employees’ time and productivity tracking even when they’re on the go.

5. Timesheet reminders

Reminders and alerts are also important features to look for when choosing an automated timesheet system. 

These will ensure that your employees don’t forget to submit their timesheets, and you can set specific deadlines so that your team knows exactly when they need to complete their timesheets. 

Some systems even have reminders that are sent out ahead of time so that everyone has ample time to complete their timesheets on time.

6.  Reporting Capabilities

 Having comprehensive reporting capabilities is essential for any automated timesheet system.

 It’s important to be able to look back and analyze your employees’ time, as it helps you manage your workforce and keep costs down. 

Reports should include data such as overtime, incomplete shifts, attendance, and hours worked by day, week, month, and year. 

Being able to customize reports is also helpful, as it allows you to adjust the data so that it is tailored to your specific needs.

What Factors to Consider Before Investing in any Online Timesheet Management System?

1. Features: Check for the available features and choose a system suitable for your specific needs. 

2. Cost: Estimate the cost of investing in an online timesheet management system and consider whether it’s within your budget.

3. User Experience: Read customer reviews about the system you are considering so you know how easy or difficult it is to use.

4. Security: It’s essential to find out how secure an online timesheet management system is before investing in one, as data security is key to ensuring its effectiveness and efficiency.

5. Integrations: See if the timesheet system you are considering integrates with other programs or applications you are using, such as accounting software or project management tools.

Closing Thoughts

Effectively managing timesheets is vital to the success of any organization. 

However, when employee time tracking becomes a chore and drags down efficiency, such processes can create an unproductive atmosphere.

Try an online timesheet management system if you’re determined to end employee time tracking challenges.

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