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PCSSA Version 8.7 PEGAPCSSA87V1 Dumps

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Which two best practices for creating a mobile app on Pega Platform guarantee a consistent user experience? (Choose Two)
A. Apply both responsive and adaptive user interface designs to optimize the display of the app.
B. Incorporate Android emulators during the development and production phases.
C. Use multiple unlocked rulesets when developing a mobile app.
D. Decide early in the development process if the mobile app supports offline mode.
Answer: AD

A report needs to list the user ID of the manager of the operator who creates a time-off case. The report provides information from the MyCo-HR-SelfService-Work-TimeOff and Data-Admin-Operator-ID classes.
Which two options independently satisfy the business outcome? (Choose Two)
A. Add the operator ID to the report definition as a parameter.
B. Configure a class join on the report definition to join operator information to each case.
C. Use an association rule to join operator information to each case.
D. Specify both classes in the Pages & Classes tab on the report definition.
Answer: BC

When designing reports with multiple data sources, in which two ways is an association rule different from a class join? (Choose Two)
A. A class join is required to add a filter condition to your report.
B. Anyone with the appropriate permissions can use associations when creating reports in the User portal.
C. Class joins are unique to each report. Associations are reusable in any report.
D. You can join multiple classes with class joins, while you cannot join multiple classes with associations.
Answer: BC

Which two data elements can be used as an attribute for an access control policy? (Choose Two)
A. Appointment date
B. Encrypted bank account number
C. Number of dependents
D. Password string
Answer: B

What is the difference between using the Call and Branch methods in an activity step to invoke other activities?
A. Call returns to the originating activity, while Branch skips the remainder of the originating activity.
B. Branch overrides the security restrictions of the called activity allowing you to easily test code; it will not run in production
C. Call provides more robust debugging capability than Branch, while Branch provides better run-time performance.
D. Branch creates a new thread to allow asynchronous processing, while Call runs in the thread from it was invoked.
Answer: A

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