The Permeate pump harnesses the energy from the RO reject water or brine, which is stored in a chamber, to transport the permeate to the RO storage tank. The permeate water is forced into the storage tank by a piston as a result of the drain water accumulating in the pump. The performance of the system is enhanced by this procedure, which stops the water pressure in the tank from pressing against the RO membrane. The brine and Permeatehave separate inlets and outlets on either side of a permeate pump. The energy required to transport the water to the storage tank is provided by the brine.

  • “Brine in”: On the left side of the pump, reject water from reverse osmosis gathers.
  • “Brine out”: The brine flows out the outlet to the drain after providing energy for the pump.
  • “Permeate in”: Through the entrance, permeate flow from the membrane is collected.
  • “Permeate out”: Using the energy from the brine, the permeate leaves the pump and moves towards the storage tank.

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