Phone number 18883023032 Lufthansa Airlines Reservations Number
Lufthansa Airlines Ticket reservations Phone Number +18883023032 

Lufthansa Airlines new reservations number

Lufthansa Airlines reservations phone number

+18883023032 Lufthansa Airlines  New Booking Number, Lufthansa Airlines  Flight Booking Phone Number

+18883023032 Lufthansa Airlines  Booking Number, Lufthansa Airlines  Flight Booking Number

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Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations

Lufthansa Airlines  (LUF) is a Texas-based Lufthansa Airlines airline operating out of 10 hubs, along with independent and subsidiary carriers. Its main hub is in Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington.

Lufthansa Airlines  is the world’s largest airline in terms of fleet size (864 mainline and 100-plus independent/subsidiary carrier aircraft), passengers carried (200M+ annually), and revenue passenger miles. Passengers holding Lufthansa Airlines  reservations can travel to more than 365 cities in over 61 countries (incl. codeshare partners).

Lufthansa Airlines  offers 4 cabin configurations—Basic Economy, Premium Economy, First Class, and Business Class.

In 2019, LUF was awarded the Best North Lufthansa Airlines Airline in the Asia Pacific for the second consecutive time. Other recent recognitions include Five Star Global Airline status (APEX), and Airline of the Year (Air Transport World).

Lufthansa Airlines  is a founding member of the world’s third-largest airline alliance, oneworld. Its regional flights are operated under the brand name of Lufthansa Airlines Eagle, comprising independent and subcarriers.

Lufthansa Airlines  Reservation Methods

How do I make flight reservations on Lufthansa Airlines ?

You can make your Lufthansa Airlines  reservations:

1. Online via

2. By phone

3. With the mobile app

4. At an Lufthansa Airlines  ticket sales center

5. Through a third party

Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations Online

How to make your Lufthansa Airlines  booking online

Follow the steps below to make Lufthansa Airlines  reservations online and receive your e-ticket by e-mail.

1. Go to

2. Provide your trip requirements in the boxes

3. Hit Search

4. Configure your trip, confirm, and pay

Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations by Phone

Call the Lufthansa Airlines  reservation number +18883023032to book your flight

If you’re not comfortable with online reservations, you can call Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations to make a discounted flight booking at +18883023032. This number is available to English-speaking customers who want to make a reservation or cancel a flight booking with Lufthansa Airlines .

Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations with Mobile App

Another way to make Lufthansa Airlines  reservations is with the mobile app. Just download the official Android or iOS app, open an account (free) with Lufthansa Airlines , and get started. You can receive great deals and discounts from time to time.

How to Check Your Lufthansa Airlines  Flight Status

To check your Lufthansa Airlines  flight status online:

1. Go to

2. From the top right select Flight status

3. To search by:

1. Cities, enter your departure and destination cities and date and click on Search

2. Flight number, select the Flight number option, enter your flight number and date, and click on Search

Your Lufthansa Airlines  flight status will appear.

You can also use the mobile app to check your flight status.

Lufthansa Airlines  Senior Discounts


Lufthansa Airlines  offers discounts to senior citizens on select flights only—mostly those originating in Latin Lufthansa Airlines countries (to any city in the world). To qualify, you must be 65 years or older.


You will not be able to add your senior discount to any other discount, coupon, or promotional offer.

Age Proof

You will be required to show your age proof either when purchasing your ticket or boarding your Lufthansa Airlines  flight.

If you’re looking for senior citizen discounts on Lufthansa Airlines  flights to other destinations, call the Lufthansa Airlines  Reservations phone number: +18883023032.

Lufthansa Airlines  Group Reservations

To be eligible for group reservations on Lufthansa Airlines , you must have at least 10 passengers in your booking.

How to Make Group Reservations on Lufthansa Airlines 

The quickest way to make group reservations on Lufthansa Airlines  is to call +18883023032—where group discounts are available for less than 10 passengers. Alternatively, you can visit the Group and Meeting Travel page on Lufthansa Airlines ’ website and make a group reservation for 10 or more passengers.

Lufthansa Airlines  Manage Booking

Can you tell me about Lufthansa Airlines  Manage My Booking?

Lufthansa Airlines  Manage Booking functionality, known as Manage trips/Check-in*, is a useful online feature that you can use to:

·     Check in online

·     Change/rebook your flight (or trip)

·     Cancel your flight (or trip)

·     View your saved bookings

·     Make advance seat reservations

·     Upgrade your seat

·     Check your LUF advantage account

·     Review your baggage allowance, refunds, in-flight amenities, etc.

·     View and share your travel itinerary

·     Make group reservations

·     Modify passenger information, such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.

*If you’re logging in from another country, this tab may appear as My trips.

To manage your Lufthansa Airlines  flight reservations

1. Go to

2. From the top pane, select Manage trips/Check-in

3. Access your trip by filling out the boxes marked:

1. Passenger first name

2. Passenger last name

3. Your 6-letter confirmation code/record locator

1. After entering the information, click on the button marked Find your trip

2. Select your flight to do any of these:

1. Check in online

2. Change/rebook your flight (or trip)

3. Cancel your flight (or trip)

4. View your saved bookings

5. Make advance seat reservations

6. Check your LUFdvantage account

7. Review your baggage allowance, refunds, in-flight amenities, etc.

8. View and share your travel itinerary

9. Upgrade your seat

10.  Make group reservations

11.  Modify passenger information, such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.

You can manage your trip with your mobile app also.

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