Maintaining privacy in the modern era is a challenging endeavour. As a result, it is crucial to make progress in that direction. The security of your customers is just as crucial to your business as it is to yourself. Customers’ top worries are data privacy and their reluctance to share specific information with companies and brands because they may become the target of cyberattacks and data breaches. Customers may occasionally disregard quality and service, but they will never accept any harm to their privacy. Phone call masking is the best option in a world where data breaches and cyber-attacks are commonplace. Below you can see the phone number masking use cases for every industry:

What is Number Masking?

Number masking is one of the greatest ways to protect a customer’s identity and privacy by preventing the loss of their personal information. Number masking is also known as phone number masking. Without disclosing their phone numbers, it enables two-way communication between you and your consumers. Both parties have concealed the number to relieve each other in some way by fostering a secure environment. For a predetermined amount of time, call masking allows users to connect.

How Does Number Masking Work?

Call masking solutions are employed to protect client privacy and remain anonymous regarding the number. For instance, call masking software will disguise the number if a consumer phones another person through your business application, and you don’t want them to know each other’s number. Call masking works by giving both the caller and the recipient a temporary number, often known as a masked phone number or a proxy phone number.

If a client clicks call customer when an agent or customer is placing a call to a cloud-based application programming interface proxy service, the call will be routed through call masking and the recipient will hear the masked number.At this point, a proxy number is generated automatically to replace the original phone number.

Your credibility rises, which boosts customer loyalty to your brand. This suggests recurring revenue and glowing testimonials. Positive experiences also result in repeat customers recommending you to their friends. People have faith in businesses that don’t ask for their personal information. You may boost the perception of your business and draw in new clients by using number masking. With very private conversations, demonstrate your professionalism.

Types of Use Cases That Utilize Call Masking

Contact centers

All communications between the agents and clients are observed and recorded when a call masking function is in place. This makes it possible for call centres to assess incoming and outgoing calls and gather information to improve the customer experience. Call centre indicators like the call abandonment rate and cost per contact are also monitored, in addition to agent performance.

Finance companies

If you are in charge of a finance company, you likely have many clients who are payback to your firm. Some customers pay their installments on promptly, but some refuse to return your money. Even if some clients do not pay the first installment and won’t pick up your call, it will become the biggest headache for the owners.

In that case of time using phone number masking is a great idea to contact your clients because it does not show your actual number. So the clients will pick up your call and pay your installments properly. A masked number boosts your likelihood of connecting with debtors if they keep avoiding your calls. It makes your clients to pick up the call and assist you in contacting them easily.

Global presence

When calling clients in several areas and nations, call masking is a helpful tool for international teams. Call masking will provide you with a local caller ID your organization owns for a particular country instead of requiring you to set up numerous contact centres. For instance, when contacting a client in another country, an employee in India could use that country’s caller ID number rather than an Indian one. When they see a local number on their caller ID, they are more inclined to pick up the phone. Customers are more apt to respond to your calls if you have a local phone number.

Bottom Line

Finally, the above details are about the phone number masking use cases for every industry. These are the industries that are utilizing the phone number masking solution. With the help of this, you will create a good relationship with your clients and keep their information safe.

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