All of your Outlook data items, including attachments, can be stored in an Outlook PST file. The problem with this file is that it can only be opened with Outlook. If someone wants to share Outlook data while preserving the original metadata and formatting, they must save PST to PDF with attachments.

Because of their portability, PDF files are widely used around the world. Whether you are a Windows or Mac user, this file can be easily opened with PDF reader software. This is why people prefer to share PDF files, and when it comes to sharing Outlook data with attachments, there is no better option than saving Outlook data in PDF.

What is the Best Way to Convert Outlook PST to PDF with Attachments?

Attachment is the most important factor in this query. It is critical to export attachments as PDF files. As a result, manual methods cannot be used because they do not support exporting attachments. In this case, PST Converter Tool is the best option. This software can convert all Outlook emails, including attachments, into PDF files. The file extension of the email attachment is irrelevant here. Here’s what you need to do to put the smart approach to saving PST to PDF with attachments into action.

  • Download and install GainTools PST to PDF Converter on your computer, then launch it.
  • Select either Add File or Add Folder. Add Folder allows you to add a folder containing multiple PST files at the same time.
  • Following the loading of PST data, users can preview all items, including emails. To proceed, click the Export button.
  • Choose PDF as the destination file. To apply additional PDF file settings and other settings, select Advanced Settings.
  • Select the destination folder for the files and click the Export button.

The Best Outlook to PDF Converter Features

The software has some amazing features that make the saving process smooth and secure.

  • Advanced PDF Options: The tool includes advanced PDF file options like Bates number and date stamping. These features are extremely beneficial to PDF users. Furthermore, the software interface allows users to select the page margin, page size, page orientation (landscape or portrait), and other options.
  • General Options: To save PST to PDF with attachments, the tool also provides general options such as a date filter and naming convention. Users can also choose whether to keep the “Internet Message Header” or not.
  • Bulk PST Export: Users can add multiple PST files to the application for export if they wish. You don’t have to expert all the files one by one if you use the Add Folder option.
  • No Data Loss: There is no risk of data loss or corruption with this software. This tool can be used without concern for such issues.
  • Quick and Easy: This tool requires very little user assistance. Simply follow the simple steps and let your application do the rest.
  • Completely secure: The tool is a virus, malware, and spyware free. As a result, you can use this to convert PST to PDF with attachments without having to worry about data security.
  • Maintain Folder Hierarchy: Users can keep the original folder hierarchy of the PST files after conversion if they wish. Check or uncheck the option with the same name as needed.
  • Advanced Scan: If a user’s PST file is corrupted, data can be extracted and converted from it as well. The software will fix any corruption in the file before exporting if the Advance Scan box is checked when adding the file.


PST and PDF are both popular file types, and users may need to save PST to PDF with attachments for a variety of reasons. This conversion enables users to open Outlook email data on any computer, even if Outlook is not installed. To save a PST file into a Portable Document File, use the smart method described here. This method allows one to export the attachments embedded in a PDF file. Because there is no manual method, users must rely solely on the automated solution.

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