Radiotherapy Plays A Crucial Role In The Treatment Of Cancer

Radiotherapy, also known as radiation therapy, is a common and effective treatment modality for various types of cancer. It utilizes high-energy radiation to destroy cancer cells and shrink tumors. While conventional radiotherapy techniques have been widely used for decades, researchers and clinicians are constantly exploring alternative approaches to improve treatment outcomes and minimize side effects.

Proton therapy is an advanced form of Radiotherapy that uses protons, instead of X-rays or photons, to deliver radiation to cancerous cells. Protons have unique physical properties that allow for more precise targeting of tumors while sparing healthy tissues. This approach reduces the risk of radiation damage to surrounding organs, making it particularly suitable for treating tumors in sensitive areas such as the brain, spine, and pediatric cases. Proton therapy is still a relatively expensive and resource-intensive technique, but it continues to gain popularity as more treatment facilities are established worldwide.

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