why not bikini, but wetsuit?

Choose a wetsuit is better than a bikini

Be sure to wear chemical sunscreen when you go surfing in a bikini, if you like the bronze skin also can use some sun tanning products. However, if you play for a long time, you will have to use a longer-lasting sun protection, and physical sun protection can also be very fashionable. Various wetsuits shield ultraviolet! Let's talk in detail.

What are you thinking, keeping me wearing sunscreen while you afraid I get cold?

It's not the same in the sea. Because of the high specific heat capacity of water, it is a good coolant. We play in the sea, surrounded by flowing water and wind, and the temperature is lost quickly!

Neoprene is wear-resistant, fire-resistant and elastic.

So, is it used to keep water out? So is it waterproof? Wearing it won't get wet, right?

Not especially, most wetsuits are not waterproof. Water can enter the wetsuit and form a film of water between the wetsuit and the body. This film of water is heated by body temperature and remains in the wetsuit, thus becoming an insulation layer.

This kind of workmanship is exquisite. Because it usually has to fit well, the stitches must be flat so that there is no friction that causes discomfort. There are some thicker wetsuits where the stitches don't even penetrate the fabric. On the one hand, the interface is smoother, on the other hand, water cannot penetrate from the pins, and the closure is better!

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