Davinci Motor DC 100: A robot to drive

Davinci Motor DC 100: A robot to drive

Davinci Motor DC 100: A robot to drive

Davinci Motor from China presents the DC 100, an electric motorcycle that is actually a robot. The wheel hub motor brakes itself and the motorcycle can automatically follow others in traffic.To get more news about davincitech, you can visit davincimotor.com official website.

The look of the DC 100 is dealt with quickly: the ax-slashed design by Swedish carmakers of the 1990s is not an expression of minimalist style in 2021, but rather a means to an end. The DC 100 is also available without a disguise, which makes the enormous dimensions of the battery and control system obvious and it is clear: the Davincis couldn’t have solved that any other way. Technically, however, the DC 100 is a source of constant joy, the part seems closer to a robot than a motorcycle.

First the bare figures: 100 kilowatts of peak power correspond to 136 hp, 850 Nm torque should bring the DC 100 to 100 km / h in under four seconds and the unspecified battery should enable a range of 375 kilometers according to the NEDC and be charged in 30 minutes on the fast charger. Reads well. The highlight of the Davinci is between the numbers. The very powerful wheel hub motor is configured in such a way that it can work as a rear service brake and naturally recuperates in the process. From a purely legal point of view, that would also be allowed in Germany. Bosch has a corresponding patent pending. The Davinci system is integrated into the conventional front brake system. On top of that, the engine offers a maneuvering system with a maximum of 7 km / h forwards and backwards. The hill start and departure assistance and traction control seem almost conservative. But the Davinci can do even more: As of today, over-the-air updates should be possible.

Part of the current technology platform is also a self-regulating EPS (Electronic Power Steering) system, which should be able to stabilize and maneuver the motorcycle independently. On the basis of this system and the perception of the surroundings, it should be possible to have several DC 100s controlled partially autonomously through the traffic in follow mode. The Davinci should also be able to park independently using a mobile phone as a remote control. By the way: Davinci would like to make the software available as open source, which can be freely programmed.


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