The autumn of the animal crossing brought acorns and pine cones.

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Autumn officially enters Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Isabel announced the return of seasonal items. Acorns and pine cones. Acorns and pine cones are exclusive items for autumn. These crafting materials can be obtained by shaking the trees on the island between September 1st and December 1st. This is also after Isabel announced his return to the vineyard this year. This is the second time to enter the autumn exclusive time.

Acorns are very worth collecting because they can be used to make cute acorn bags, it is just a big acorn disguised as a bag, and there are piles of yellow leaves that can bring the perfect season to your island Sexual sensation. Players who like autumn can also go to ACBellsBuy to choose Buy ACNH Bells. This will make you double happy. Not only that, but they also got hundreds of bells from Nook's Cranny.

As for pine cones, these bad boys like hiding in cedar trees. The process can easily be shaken down again. Although the drop rate is low, pine cones are easy to obtain. Because its drop is similar to a tree branch, it will continue to fall as long as the player keeps shaking it. Players who like to keep shaking trees, with the product supply that can keep shaking trees, players will be able to make tree bounty trees.

Acorns and pine cones are seasonal items that belong exclusively to autumn. In addition to acorns and pine cones, many other seasonal items are coming to you this month. Players can choose Buy Bells Animal Crossing and enjoy the fun of the game. Autumn items also include spring bamboo, which can be used to make bamboo sticks and the like. The most surprising thing is that each can be sold for 200 bells.


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