They launch an electric motorcycle

They launch an electric motorcycle

This is the Davinci DC100. According to its manufacturer – the Chinese company Davinci Tech – it is a high power half electric motorcycle half two-wheeled robot, able to swing and drive on your own, following you wherever you go.To get more news about DC100, you can visit official website.

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The latter is a promise that another manufacturer in the Asian country has already made with the Apex H2, a hydrogen-powered motorcycle that will be able to pick you up at the door of home or work when it leaves at some point in the future.They just launched it in China. Its specifications are impressive for an electric road motorcycle: 200 kilometers per hour of maximum speed, acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3 to 4 seconds, a power of 137 horses and, above all, a range of 400 kilometers according to the European consumer standard NEDC.

The Davinci DC100 at its presentation (Davinci Tech)
To achieve this range of action, the battery – 17.7 kWh and charges in 30 minutes – occupies almost the entire central part of the bike. The motor is in the rear wheel, which is supported by a single arm located on its right side.
The most impressive is your brain. The manufacturer says that its algorithms are able to distinguish situations and adjust the degree of acceleration depending on what you are doing automatically.

The Davinci DC10 from the front (Davinci Tech)
If you start uphill, for example, accelerate progressively to compensate as you release the brake and that the progression of acceleration is smooth. On the contrary, going downhill, the bike adjusts its speed to optimize roll and energy recovery.

According to its creators, its artificial intelligence system is also capable of helping you keep control of the bike in any kind of situation and make driving extremely smooth.Finally, Davinci Tech assures that the DC100 is like the Westworld motorcycle that can be seen in the video under these lines: able to drive on your own, Get out of the car park to meet wherever you are, guided by your phone, which also acts as a key and control panel with a dedicated application.

Davinci promises that this fully autonomous driving system will be available “soon” via software update, which are made from the cloud, like Elon Musk’s Tesla. Let’s hope it arrives before the same Tesla system, which has been promising for millennia and never arrives.


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