Costume contact lens ‘rips off’ layer of woman’s eyeball

Costume contact lens ‘rips off’ layer of woman’s eyeball

Jordyn Oakland dressed up as a ‘cannibal aesthetician’ last Halloween, buying an all-black set of cosmetic lenses from Dolls Kill to complete the look.To get more news about colored contacts cheap, you can visit official website.

But when the 27-year-old took them out, she says her right eye felt like it was ‘stuck’, so pulled harder on it, giving her the sensation of a ‘really bad scratch’.

The next morning Jordyn woke up in ‘excruciating pain’ and could barely open her eye as it was so swollen.After speeding to AE in her hometown of Seattle, Washington, she was told the lens had removed the outer layer of her cornea and there could be a chance she’d need surgery, perhaps even losing her eyesight altogether.To get more news about colored contacts for dark eyes, you can visit official website.

‘Miraculously’, Jordyn’s eye began to heal over the next few days, but her vision has continued to worsen. Doctors told her she may have Recurrent Corneal Erosion – meaning she could wake up one morning and have the same ‘frightening’ thing happen again.

Jordyn said of the incident: ‘It was a real-life nightmare on Halloween. It was something I never expected to happen.‘It was very frightening. There was a handful of days where my vision was completely blurry and I couldn’t see anything out of my eye. I was afraid that I would become blind in my right eye.To get more news about Blue Contacts, you can visit official website.

‘I’d never wear costume contacts again unless they’re made by a specialist who had really informed me that they’re very safe to wear.’

Jordyn, who’s used contacts in the past, said she used drops to condition her eyes before putting the lenses in, but that her normal method to remove them didn’t work as they felt ‘too big’.She says: ‘I just started loading my eye with eye drops and splashing it with cold water. It felt like I had a piece of something stuck in my eye so I was just rinsing, rinsing and rinsing trying to get it out.

‘My eye was bloodshot red, nothing was coming out of it. I was opening my eye and having my friends take a look with a flashlight to see if they could see anything stuck in it.’

The Masters student woke up the next day saying her eye was ‘burning’ and swollen, which is when she when to hospital and received the devastating news she may have lifelong vision issues.

Jordyn says: ‘The doctor looked at my eye and basically said that the outer layer of my cornea looked like it had been completely removed – and that’s why the pain was so bad.


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