Do you understand the importance of hospital beds to people?

Hospital beds play an extremely important role in people’s lives. And people's demand and quality requirements for hospital beds are getting higher and higher.

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, people's demand for hospital beds is also getting higher and higher, and various functions and specifications have appeared in practical applications. Such as multifunctional medical beds, nursing nurse beds, hospital beds, medical nursing nurse beds, etc. The function of the hospital bed is to allow the patient to have a very comfortable environment to end the treatment of the disease. How much do you know about the importance of hospital beds?

hospital bed

1. Introduction of hospital bed

A hospital bed can also be called a medical bed, a multifunctional nursing bed, etc. It is a bed used by patients during recuperation and rehabilitation. The main use occasions include major hospitals, township health centers, community health service centers, rehabilitation institutions, Family nursing homes, etc.

A hospital bed generally refers to a nursing bed. It is a bed with multiple nursing functions and operation buttons designed according to the patient's treatment needs and bedridden living habits, such as bed-wetting alarm, weight monitoring, back-feeding, prevention of bedsores, and negative pressure to connect urine. , mobile transportation, turning over on time, rest, rehabilitation, passive movement, infusion, standing and other functions, can be used with treatment or rehabilitation equipment.

2. The structure and function of hospital bed

The hospital bed is composed of a rigid bed frame and a bed panel, and the bed panel is composed of three parts: a backrest panel, a seat panel, and a foot panel. The hinges are firmly on the bed frame. A rigid bracket is installed under the backboard of the hospital bed, and the bracket lifting mechanism is connected at the delivery and unloading point of the bracket, so that through the mechanical movement of the lifting mechanism, the backrest plate, seat plate, and foot bending plate can be lifted and lowered, which can be easily taken care of. The nurse's bed is recuperated to the point of reclining and bending the knees.

The emergence of hospital beds not only brings great help to patients, but also reduces the burden on nurses and their families to a certain extent, and promotes the development of the entire medical industry.

3. General specifications of hospital bed

A hospital bed is generally a single bunk bed. This is not only convenient for medical and nursing observation and inspection and operation of family members but also can be used for patients with severe disabilities, the elderly, urinary incontinence, stable or convalescent patients with traumatic brain injury at home for rehabilitation and recuperation treatment.

The standard configuration of the power hospital bed includes one-bed head and foot end, one-bed leg, one set of bed board mattresses, one electric push rod, two left and right folding guards, four silent casters, an integrated dining table, one anti-decubitus air pump tray, and one under the bed. Shelf, 2 bedwetting alarms, a set of the weight monitoring systems,s, and other components.

The hospital bed, especially the multi-functional nursing bed, should pay attention to the details such as the lifting of the hospital bed during use, and the operation should be standardized. Otherwise, it is easy to cause harm to the hospital bed or even the patient.


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