Raids are a particularly good place to go when trying to Buy Lost Ark Gold

Raids are a particularly good place to go when trying to Buy Lost Ark Gold

Raids are a particularly good place to go when trying to Buy Lost Ark Gold acquire cards. The reason for this is Guardian bosses that participate in raids are given a small chance to drop an self-titled Legendary Card.

Legendary Cards are one of the rarest cards in the game and have the highest bonus. Be sure to perform every raid you are able to.

How to Upgrade Cards

Another thing to be noted about the Card system in Lost Ark is that each card has the designation of an "Awakening Level" to it, indicated through the amount of gemstones displayed at the bottom of the card.

A card starts at level zero and goes all the way to level 5. It grants additional added bonuses and effects once it level's up.

To upgrade a card for the subsequent Awakening Level You need to complete two steps. The first is to boost its XP gauge , by feeding it with XP cards or duplicate cards.

Continue to do this until the XP bar gets full. If it does you have to feed it additional duplicate cards to "Awaken" to it (push it over until it is at the level you want).

The higher the Awakening Level The more duplicate cards you'll need to take it to an even higher level. The duplicate cards needed by every Awakening Level are listed below.

Awakening Level 1: One duplicate cards

Level 2 of Awakening: Two duplicate cards

Awakening Level 3: Three duplicate cards

Awakening Level 4: Four duplicate cards

Awakening Level 5: Five duplicate cards

Take note that because there are so many duplicate cards to unlock a card, it's a sensible idea to not feed a duplicated card only to increase its XP level. Instead, it's more efficient to feed it XP cards.

These XP cards just like you gain other cards: by performing various tasks within the game. They also have a rarity system with the most rare cards giving more XP (up at 9000).

Card Books

Start your Card Catalogue screen and click the "Book" tab. There, you'll find all of the different cards in the game grouped in different books.

Card Books are sort of an improved version which is an evolved version of the Card Set. Instead of granting power bonuses only when they are equipped (like the Card Sets) They offer smaller, but more durable bonus points that are passive and do not require to carry anything.

Since they are collectibles an entire Card Book is in essence a collection hunt. There are only 27 Card Sets that are available, but 173 Card Books!

Best Card Sets in Lost Ark

All of the 27 decks in Lost Ark provide very useful bonuses and stats. They're wonderful in their individual ways, but some of these Sets are superior to the others.

Below we've listed the three top decks in Lost Ark.

Forest of Giants

This Card Set is perfect for support builds in PvE and for any build in GvG. It will reduce the number of potions used in raids. This will help you save gold.

It will also block this Cursed Doll engraving effect, which decreases healing by 25%. This will increase your survivability during the game by a significant amount.


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