8 Best Mental Health Apps For Daily Use

Find out the top 8 mental health apps that can help you monitor your mental well-being on daily basis along with their features and advantages.

Technology has allowed us to explore mental health in new paradigms using science and data collection technologies. Remote devices such as mobile phones and tablets are now effectively used in attaining better mental health. Extremely sophisticated mental well-being apps have made their way into the market. These apps detect behavior changes, draw patterns and highlight any crisis in mental well-being. The self-management of mental health has increased the demand for these mental health apps. In these apps, many techniques based on CBT and mindfulness are applied to develop sessions, courses, and activities to promote positive thinking. Many apps have partnered with mental health professionals to make their services more authentic.

Today, there are thousands of apps for managing mental health. Healthcare app development services have made app development very easy. Companies are even hiring individual healthcare app developers to create healthcare apps. With growing awareness regarding mental health and easy healthcare application development, the market is only expected to flood with mental health apps. Choosing one app can be difficult since every app is going to offer a plethora of options. Decision-making is important in this case.

Criteria to Select Mental Health Apps

Mapping every mental health app on some selection criteria can be a productive way of evaluating all the apps in consideration. Here are some of the criteria that can be used for evaluation:

1. Effectiveness: The apps should have some scientific basis to prove their effectiveness.

2. Target audience: You should ensure that you are amongst the target audience. For instance, if you have no idea about mental well-being and meditation then you can choose an app that has some light sessions and activities for beginners.

3. Privacy: Mental health apps get access to your sensitive personal information. The app should be legitimate with a strict policy for the privacy of information.

4. Personalized approach: The apps should have a personalized approach to fit into your lifestyle. You should be able to take up the sessions and activities even in your busy work schedule.

5. Good review: Always head out for the reviews before subscribing to any mental health app. Any good app will have several reviews online on different sites.

Top 8 Mental Health Apps available in iOS and Android


This app has been developed to promote mindfulness, calmness, and better sleep. The application comes with various options for sleep, work, and meditation. A series of audio recordings help the users relax and meditate. There are breathing programs, relaxing sounds, and music. The app is great for every age and comes with separate recordings for beginners. Sleep stories and lullabies act as an advantage for users as they can introduce their kids to mental health with relaxation.

Free Trial: 7 days

Subscription: Starts at $69.99 per year


Talkspace is a unique mental health app that can directly connect you with a mental health professional. You can have a mental health checkup and stress check report. The app allows you to undergo an assessment to assess your mental health, diagnose the issues, and connect with the right professional. There are different options for individuals, couples, and teens. Talkspace will not only help you let go of the stress but also help you clinically. You can find 24X7 support using chats and live videos. There is a con to this app which is its high cost but it is worth considering owing to its benefits.

Subscription: Starts at $69 per week


MindDoc helps diagnose mental health issues and provide treatment for it. It offers a personalized experience with daily questions and 70-plus courses and exercises for improving mental health. The application identifies your feelings, detects patterns to get an insight into your mental health, and then helps you set goals to take care of your mental health. The users get access to strategies to deal with phobias, depression, insomnia, burnout, and eating disorder.

Free trial: 7 days

Subscription: $7 per month


Headspace app provides breathing exercises and meditation sessions to improve calmness, self-worth, and sleep. There are specific meditation techniques for beginners. Then there are sessions for deep meditation. The app has exercises and yoga that help in strengthening mental as well as physical health.  It is one app that equally stresses on meditation and mindfulness to change stressful lifestyles and habits. This is a great option to relax and unwind with relaxing sound and music.

Free trial: 14 days

Subscription: $18 per year


Thrive is a mental wellbeing app recommended by NHS. It helps you manage anxiety and stress with 24X7 mental health support. It provides you with screening tools to detect mental health conditions and work on them. The mindfulness techniques equip you with the tools to deal with anxiety and stress. The powerful reporting insights keep you updated on your progress. The great part is that the Thrive app can be integrated with your well-being services. You get in touch with verified therapists who create engagement strategies according to your work schedule. Thrive is a wonderful app for receiving mental health therapies.

Free trial: Book a free demo


Sanvello is going to help you in four different ways. You will get self-care, peer support, coaching, and therapy. All of these options have different costs. It has partnered with many professionals such as authors and gymnasts to offer the best support and guidance. The best part is that you can avail a lot of features free of cost. From finding tools to assessing issues, getting community support to explore solutions, to getting therapy from experts, Sanvello offers you everything for mental health support.

Subscription: $3.99 per month (charges based on options chosen)


Happify has been developed to help you counter negative thoughts, stress, and life’s challenges by breaking old patterns and forming new habits. You get access to tools and processes that help you overcome sadness, stress, or anxiousness. The app allows you to control your emotions using engaging games and activities. You keep a happiness score to self-assess your improvement with the activities. Happify is a fun app that empowers you to develop positive psychology using science-based activities that reduce stress and promote positivity.  CBT, mindfulness, and positive psychology are going to be the tools that you are going to deal with.

Subscription: $14.99 per month


MoodKit comes with effective strategies to identify and change unhealthy thinking. The app provides you with a mood chart time-to-time to promote well-being. The app is principally built on Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT). Science-based MoodKit activities guide you towards steps and activities which can improve your mood. You get a variety of things including a mood tracker, Thought checker, and mood journal to self-assess your improvement and work on it.

Subscription cost: $6.99


Self-management is the primary advantage offered by these mental health apps built for mental health. The busy lifestyle and taboo around visiting a psychologist have pushed us towards these apps. All of the listed apps are great for managing stress and developing positive psychology. However, these apps may not be capable of replacing a certified healthcare professional completely. If the mental health issues persist then visit a medical healthcare professional in person.


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