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Go all the way to the left side of the villa area, with the first one, not far away,

Go all the way to the left side of the villa area, with the first one, not far away, intermediary Xiaosun stopped and said, "Brother, the owner of this villa is going to move to the capital, his house was just decorated last year, the location is also very good, in the middle of the villa.". The family usually lives less, his children study in the capital, his wife accompanies him in the capital, he also lives in the capital for a long time, and sometimes does not come back to Anxi. "Well, if the decoration is really good and the price is right, I'll definitely buy it." Into the first home, the owner at home, just came back to get things, Shen Qing and up and down have seen, although the third floor is only half a floor, but also decorated, pretty good. The first and second floors are also very new, and the decoration style is simple, bright and generous. Shen Qinghe likes it very much. Let my parents take a small cotton-padded jacket in the Chen family to continue to see, he followed the intermediary to see another one, the two compared, the price is right to buy a set. Two sets of villas are not far apart,small geared motors, Shen Qinghe went to see, but also in recent years decoration, but that is retro decoration, partial Chinese style. Shen Qinghe doesn't like it in this life. He prefers the previous one. Owners waiting in the living room, but also very easy to talk, quickly negotiate a good price to sign the contract. Because of the full payment and the help of the owner Sun Xiang, the real estate of the house can be completed within a week. The business of others has been moved to the capital, and they hope to return to the capital quickly to live with their wife and children. In a week's time, he opened a suite in the hotel and asked the two elders to bring a small cotton-padded jacket. Shen Qinghe went to his home, his hometown and his daughter's home in the city. He went to his home and moved all the things he needed to Bosch Villa. All the beds were changed,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, the rest were basically not changed, the courtyard walls of the villa were heightened and reinforced, and the roof of the villa was also changed. The walls around and inside the walls of the villa are all planted with thousands of flowers. In the future, even if they mutate, they can also subdue them. He has recently begun to cultivate the truth, and the introduction into the body has been completed. Successfully enter the first level of Qi training. The strong state of mind of divine consciousness has no obstacles before yuan Ying. As long as Xiu Wei arrives, he can be promoted smoothly all the way. The two elders took their children to play everywhere in the provincial capital, playing for a day and resting for a day, and specially invited a tour guide to take them to play. Shen Qing and peace of mind to handle the certificate, peace of mind to tinker with the villa. On the eighth day in Anxi City, the four members of the Shen family moved into the newly bought villa, and the real estate certificate was safely put into the space. He successfully asked for a 20-day vacation, and the time to go to work was after the end of the world, that is, he did not have to go to work again. Dad, what a big house we have! The little cotton-padded jacket ran up and down happily in the house, even the three-storey attic was not spared, and the storage room was changed above. The courtyard on the first floor is covered with retractable glass. All the superfluous objects in the past were removed, Small Dc Gear Motor ,24v Gear Motor, leaving only empty and flat courtyards. The floor was torn down and the yellow soil was exposed. Yes, the new home is very big, and the little cutie will have more places to play in the future. Are you happy? "Happy, but will it cost a lot?" The little guy remembered that his father liked to spend money recklessly. It won't cost a lot of money. Dad has made a lot of money recently. He can afford to buy a new home. He doesn't owe anyone money or money to the bank. Scrape the little cutie's nose and make the little cutie giggle. The little guy likes to interact with his father, no matter what he plays, he can have a lot of fun. After giggling, the little cutie changed his face and solemnly pointed his chubby forefinger at his father's nose. Then he said, "That's good. Remember to be diligent and thrifty in managing the household. That's a virtue. We should carry it forward." With that, she paced away with her hands behind her back and headed for the kitchen, intending to see what Grandma was doing. After the little guy left, Shen Qinghe and his father chatted in the living room. Shen's father was worried about his son's sudden money to buy a villa in the provincial capital. Although he didn't say anything, he wouldn't ask, but he was still very worried. Dad, in the last month, our family lives in Anxi City, and I have something to deal with in the provincial capital. After I finish my work, our family of four will go back together. Father Shen took one look at his son, nodded yes, and said, "Think twice before you do anything, and don't do anything you regret." "I listen to you." The old man's eyes were like torches, and he knew that something must have happened, which he did not know, and it was also a very important thing. Chapter 163 the end of the world (03). A few days later, the Shen family hoarded goods every day. Shen Qinghe bought a seven-seater SUV and refitted it himself. Energy, fuel hybrid, he does not say, others will not find. The family hoarded dozens of bags of grain, barreled pure water, and all kinds of materials. I don't know how many big plastic buckets that can hold water at home have been bought. Shen's father and mother did not question their son's behavior, nor did they say anything more. They just took their granddaughter to play everywhere. Anxi had delicious food and fun, and played all over. Photos are taken a lot, Shen Qinghe bought a lot of milk powder, as well as milk, yogurt, are fresh factory, as far as possible on the surface to let the daughter drink a little longer. The chubby girl is more lovely, and he doesn't like to see her thin bean sprouts. Shen Qing and a person running outside, home supplies filled with empty rooms, their family did not have any very close relatives, grandmother only mother a child, grandparents died many years ago, do not need him to stay in the room. Grandpa and grandma also passed away for many years, there is a close uncle in the family, that is a capable uncle, went to the south to settle down, how many years without contact. He doesn't need to worry about it. The original life experience is really good this time. He also put a lot of seeds in the storeroom, all of which he took out of the space, grain seeds and vegetable seeds. It must be much more vigorous than the seeds outside. Today, Shen's father and mother, Xiaoting lovely rest at home, Shen Qinghe came home early, but also brought back two Tibetan mastiffs of different sexes, still young, only more than a month. Absolute purebred Tibetan mastiff, Shen Qinghe gave them to eat the spirit animal Dan, two clever little Tibetan mastiff instant obedience,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, also do not struggle, obedient also do not make trouble, follow Shen Qinghe away. The original owner was surprised to look at one person and two Tibetan mastiffs. It was too irritating. He kept screaming at himself and wanted to bite himself. How could he be so obedient in the hands of the new owner. ichgearmotor.com


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