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Song Tong had already said this several times, and Lin was even more surprised:

Song Tong had already said this several times, and Lin was even more surprised: "Sir, it's my job to bring up children, but how can the whole Song clan thank me?" Song Tong opened his mouth to speak out. He suddenly remembered that the Taoist had said that this was a secret that could not be revealed. He swallowed the words again: "a virtuous person like Madam is hard to find in the world. You have won glory for the Song clan. How can the Song clan not thank you?" As soon as she heard this, she was not telling the truth. Lin still bowed her head and smiled. Mother Zhang had already come in. "Master, the county magistrate, Miss Yu won't come in, and the maids don't dare to pull. What should we do?" Without waiting for Lin to stand up, Song Tong had already stood up: "Wait for me to go out and have a look." As he spoke, Song Tong bowed his head and said to Lin, "Madam, although she is stubborn, I think she can still listen to me as a father." Lin Shi got up and sent him out. As soon as Song Tong came out, her smile froze there. The maid beside her helped her sit down and said, "Xian Jun, even if this girl fights again, no matter how painful the master is, she can't go beyond the big girl." Lin put his hand on his forehead and said with a sigh, "It's really hard to predict. I'm so kind to the master. I gave birth to children for him. My Lin family has helped him a lot in his official career. A stone should be covered with heat. Who knows there is such a thing?" The maid pinched her by the shoulder and said, "County Lord, no matter what you say, the master just said that she was born in the outer room. How can she compare with the big girl in terms of marriage and dowry in the future?" Of course, Lin knew this,Inflatable water park factory, but as a woman, she could not accept that her husband loved the children who were not born to her, although. Lin shook his head, those are the past, nothing can change the status quo. When Song Tong went out, she saw several maids around Qingyu persuading her. Qingyu held a pillar tightly and refused to move half a step, so she looked very childish. Song Tong could not help shaking his head and smiling. He quickly walked up to his daughter and reached out to touch her head. "Yuer, don't lose your temper." Do you have a temper? Qingyu looked up at his father. There were tears in his eyes. It didn't look so clear. But Qingyu shook his head. "No,Inflatable dry slide, I'm not in a bad temper. I have only one mother. I've been filial to my mother for three years. This is what a daughter should do. Who says she can't?" Song Tong looked at her daughter's face in front of her, which looked like Chu's. The stubbornness in her eyes did not disappear at all. Song Tong tried to speak in the most gentle and peaceful voice: "Yu'er, on Song's genealogy, Madam is my first wife." Song Tong's words were understated. Seeing that Qingyu's reaction was not as great as it had just been, Song Tong went on to say, "Yuer, you have already entered the capital. You are no longer in the countryside that day. The rules in the capital are like this. If you want to live a good life, you must follow their rules." Qingyu looked at Song Tong and said in a clear voice, "Just like you did that day, knowing that your mother was pregnant, you divorced her with a letter of divorce so that you wouldn't marry her."? If this is the only way to live a good life, then I would rather live a hard life forever. The weather in April was already hot, and as soon as Qingyu's words came out, Song Tong's face suddenly darkened like a gust of cold wind, and no one dared to say a word to the servant girl next to him. Such words, no one has ever dared to mention in front of Song Tong, inflatable water slide ,inflatable castle with slide, Song Tong's fist clenched and clenched, looking at the stubborn daughter in front of him, how can a 13-year-old child say such a thing? Qingyu bit his lower lip, such words have been hidden in Qingyu's heart for a long time, from knowing that Niang had been divorced by his father, Qingyu wanted to ask someone, but could not find it, and now finally said it. But looking at Song Tong's dark face, Qingyu felt that this was more frightening than the most bad-tempered third uncle in the village. Qingyu subconsciously wanted to find his mother, and then saw the filial piety on his body. His mother was gone and would never come out to protect himself. Qingyu hugged the pillar in his arms more tightly and looked at Song Tong's eyes. Song Tong loosened his fist and then said softly, "Yu'er, you're still young. You don't understand what's going on inside. You should stay here and study hard first. Niang, you can call again when you want to.". "Then Song Tong looked at Qingyu's clothes of filial piety. He hesitated for a moment and said," You can wear this filial piety first. It's just.. " Looking at Song Tong's desire to speak and stop, Qingyu did not speak, holding the pillar's hand gradually loosened, a servant girl sharp-eyed, a fishing pulled Qingyu down, although Qingyu let go of the pillar, but the footsteps are still motionless, Song Tong looked at her: "Although not called Niang, after all, is also an elder, you can not.." Qingyu looked at his toes and soon looked up. "Since she is the mistress of this house, how can I pay her a visit? It's just that I have to wear this filial piety for three years." It was good enough for Qingyu to agree to pay a visit to Lin. Song Tong reached out to take his daughter's hand and said, "Since you have such filial piety, I can't force it. It's just that the rules in this house are different from those in the countryside. You have to learn more." Qingyu stepped back, Song Tong's hand stopped in the air, the wind blew Song Tong's clothes, he did not speak again, just turned to walk forward. When he paid a visit to Lin, he heard that he had seen the county magistrate. Lin could not help but pull down his lips slightly. But in front of Song Tong, Lin did not say much. He just said with a smile, "We are all a family. Why are you so polite?" Qingyu did not answer, but stood up, Song Tong knew that in a short time, it was impossible for him to imagine that Qingyu would treat Lin as if he were serving Chu, but looking at Lin's smile, Song Tong felt that at least Lin would be very good to Qingyu. When Qingyu was brought up to be a lady from a famous family, then she should tell Lin about her plan, and she would certainly help herself. After all, Qingyu was still young, and after shouting for a long time, she got up and sat down and felt very tired. Mammy, who had been waiting outside, was called in by Lin. This Mammy, whose surname was Mo, was fifty years old this year. She was the dowry maid of Lin's mother. When Mammy Mo came in, she first met Song Tong and his wife. Song Tong had always been very polite to her. Lin said to Mammy Mo with a smile, "Mammy, this is Yuer. You'll have to bear more in the future." Mammy Mo's eyes were very bright. She went up to Qingyu and made a gesture to salute. "I've seen the girl,Inflatable water park on lake, little one." Few people in the house dared to accept Mammy Mo's ceremony. Qingyu was tired and didn't know this, so she didn't make a sound to stop her. Mammy Mo firmly carried out the ceremony. Although she was immediately called up by Song Tong, Mammy Mo's face suddenly looked a little ugly. joyshineinflatables.com


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