LoL Preseason 2023 - start date, changes, details, and more

In fact, Season 12’s start date was on January 7th, 2022 which was actually on a Friday. So players can probably expect a date within the first week and a half of 2023

The league of legends account Preseason 2023 arrived on November 16. It lasts about 3 months, bringing lots of news and updates. If you are under the LoL curse, you're welcome to read about tons of the game’s renovations and evaluate if you should keep playing. But, well, we all know the answer. So let's dive in.

The League of Legends preseason end date

In years past, League of Legends preseason usually ends with the first patch of the new year. This time frame also marks the start of a new season, which usually lasts from January until mid-November with the short period in between being the preseason.

The 2023 season is looking to follow the same schedule but with a twist. The first patch of the 2023 year is slated for “the beginning of January,” according to Riot Games. This should mark the start of the 2023 season.

However, in an official announcement breaking down the changes coming to League of Legends Ranked in 2023, the exact timing hasn’t been pinned down yet.

This may have to do with the fact that the Riot Games offices are closed during the holiday break and won’t be back until after the new year when they will place the finishing touches on the first patch. The 2023 ranked season start day could be on Wednesday, January 4th, which is usually the day when patches come out. But it also could be delayed to that Thursday or even a week after on the 11th.

In fact, Season 12’s start date was on January 7th, 2022 which was actually on a Friday. So players can probably expect a date within the first week and a half of 2023.

Preseason 2023 changes

The update will bring an updated ping wheel to League, aimed at improving communication in-game. Riot is also adding objective voting to improve teamwork along with ward timers, jungle leash indicators and recommended jungle paths and item builds. The Preseason will also see the addition of Jungle Pets and a change to the Smite system with ‘Avatar Smites’. Season 13 is expected to begin sometime in January 2023.

Jungle Rework

The Jungle rework is one of LoL Preseason's 2023 main subjects.

Being a Jungler can be lonely. Especially if your team never helps with objectives. Understanding this, Riot has created Jungle pets – companions for Junglers to replace the traditional jungle items. You can purchase them with gold at the in-game shop. Your pet will evolve from an egg to its final form and empower its owners with different buffs.

Leashing indicators have made their entrance and will reveal how far you can pull camps before they are fed up with chasing after you. The pulling range is decreased.

You can no longer use the "I've never jungled before" to avoid having to play this position. Riot has added Jungle pathing recommendations, which are based on high win-rate routes of professional players and are constantly revised. This helps newbies get familiar with the jungle and renders your reasoning invalid.

Item changes

As usual each new Season there are changes to the items. For this preseason they downgraded two mythics: Sunfire Aegis and Turbo Chemtank. To answer this, they added three new tank items with unique effects: Jack’Sho, The Protean – Radiant Virtue – Heartsteel

Besides addition of new tank items, Season 13 mark the return of previous favorites: Rod of Age (Mythic) and Spear of Shojin, of course with changed stats and new effects.

Along with new items and return of others, they have made several QOL changes to tank items (Iceborn Gauntlet, Randuin’s Omen), AD items (Ravenous Hydra and Navori Quickblade) and tweaks for others.

To learn more about each changes more in detail you can check our site with more information. Hope you’re having fun with this pre season that will surely mark a new crazy year for Solo Que and Competitive. You also can go to our site to buy lol accounts or sell lol account


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