I Want to Start a Business

I Want to Start a Business I Want to Start a Business I Want to Start a Business

Image this situation and let me know if it sounds familiar. You've met with a possible private angel investor about your startup opportunity. During the conference the personal angel investor told you that the business strategy "sounded interesting" and they "really loved the opportunity" ;.They enthusiastically shook your hand on the way out the entranceway and you left emotion elated.

Days later you waited patiently by the phone for a follow-up call, but the phone didn't ring. You checked your e-mail, your immediate messenger, and your texts - nothing. The days soon changed into weeks and somehow you never noticed a peep from those extremely interested individual angel investors.

The small answer is that nothing gone inappropriate - that's the way personal angel investors work. You see, personal angel investors speak a different language that a lot of entrepreneurs have trouble translating. They inform entrepreneurs that they are stoked up about a business opportunity which entrepreneurs of course try suggest they're willing to invest.

What they actually mean is they have number interest in investing in your company, but they would like to keep the relationship on a positive observe in the event they ever change their mind. It's like planning on a date in senior school with somebody and not basically showing them you're perhaps not interested - just in case 1 day they become Brad Pitt or Angelina angel investing syndicate or angel investor syndicate.

The simple truth is that personal angel investors can't afford to express "no" to any possibility in a primary manner. Most options that move across their door may appear terrible nowadays, but tomorrow they may be the next MySpace or Google. Wise personal angel investors know that there's number price in damaging a connection by having an entrepreneur simply because the offer doesn't seem sensible today.

This is needless to say entirely maddening to the entrepreneur. In life we're applied to reading "no" when someone suggests "no" ;.To produce issues worse, entrepreneurs are so excited to have their discounts funded they often understand something that isn't a "heck no" to suggest "yes."

Private angel investors have built what I call the "extended no" in to an art form form. They've discovered lots of methods in order to avoid stating "no" while indicating "number way" ;.The end result is just a long, roundabout way to share with you "no" without actually expressing it. To assist you appreciate this method a little bit more, let me offer you some samples of what the "extended no" appears like

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