Reciprocating Compressor Market To Register A Healthy CAGR For The Forecast Period 2023 – 2032

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The global Reciprocating Compressor Market is estimated to be worth USD 7.0 Billion by 2032, registering a 5.90% CAGR during the forecast period (2023- 2032).

A reciprocating air compressor is similarly called a positive displacement compressor. This compressor includes the piston-cylinder arrangement applied to compress air. It’s procurable lubricated and oil-free. These compressors are substantially preferred in the production of chemicals and petroleum.

These compressors are capable of these processes which find usage in the transportation of natural gas and compression gas. Additionally, it’s enormously used in varied industries like pharmaceuticals, power generation, metal processing, oil & gas, and chemicals. The uprising embracement of variable-speed systems, eco-friendly & easy handling effective operation, retrofitting of present systems and low maintenance cost are hastening the market’s growth.

The reciprocal compressor helps the shareholders handle heat efficiency, slender the flow of gas, helps in the rotation and enhances the machine’s durability. These outstanding features embrace high capability and efficiency, producing both high power and pressure. The manufacturers of reciprocating compressors are embracing advanced technologies to expand business agility and flexibility. Additionally, rising environmental awareness and Chinese government initiatives are performing in the implementation of strict regulations regarding the enhancement of air quality boosting the demand for the reciprocating compressor. Though, the massive investments in the market and the arrival of non-oil and gas-based projects are driving the market growth.

The reciprocating compressor market is promoting rapidly, witnessing ponderous demand from the chemical and oil & gas industries. Furthermore, the extended use of reciprocating compressors to reliably transfer compressible fluids in power generation, food & beverage, and pharmaceuticals substantiate the market size. Changing food safety and security norms against infections, hazards, and food contamination boosts market shares.

Key Players

  • Gardener Denver
  • Lontra
  • Blade Compressors LLC
  • Shanghai Highly Co., Ltd.
  • Burckhardt Compression AG
  • Atlas Copco
  • Sundyne
  • Hitachi
  • Howden Group
  • Siemens AG

Regional Analysis

The global Reciprocating Compressor Market is divided into five regions; North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East & Africa.

The reciprocating compressor market in Asia- Pacific is evaluated to consider for the highest share, where uprising industrialization would herd the growth of the reciprocating compressor market. The construction industry is delighting in massive profits from Asia- Pacific, as the governments are supporting industrialization in arising economies to accelerate the GDP of the nations in the region.

As nations outside the G8 are developing local industries to compete regionally and internationally, the embracement of air compressors is spreading fast throughout the Far and Middle East, along with the utmost of the Southern Hemisphere. Over the coming decade, these regions could hastily become lucrative markets for air compressor manufacturers.

Market Segmentation

The global Reciprocating Compressor Market Size is segmented into the following types;

By Types

  • Vertical Compressor
    ● Horizontal Compressor
    ● Others

By Application

  • Refinery
    ● Petrochemical and Chemicals
    ● Gas Transport and Storage
    ● Others

By Sales Channel

  • Direct Channel
  • Distribution Channel

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