Renovate a Small Apartment According to Your Lifestyle

How to remodel a small apartment The answer to this question will vary depending on your needs and abilities.

The purchase and sale of real estate that has an area of less than 100 square meters are becoming more common in the national real estate market.

Here are some ideas on how to renovate small apartments. They will hopefully help you make the most of it when it comes to decorating.

How to remodel a small apartment?

The following tips are sure to be helpful if you just bought a home and want to do a complete reform to make the most of it.


Comprehensive reforms include opening the kitchen up to the living area. The two environments will be combined in one space to achieve more spaciousness and light.

Before beginning the reforms, it is recommended to hire a technician to perform a distribution study at our home.

According to Scarborough renovation experts, this will allow us to choose from a variety of options that suit our needs and capabilities.


When it comes to renovating a small apartment, both natural and artificial lighting plays a major role. Lighting our home efficiently will save us a lot of money.

To maximize natural lighting, it is important to place the dining room on the main façades. This will allow for areas that receive more light. Rooms and secondary rooms can face interior patios. It is used mainly at night.

There are many different shades and types of artificial lighting available on the market. It is recommended that you use large 22cm-wide downlights in the bathroom and kitchen. For the other rooms, such as the hallway, dining area, and bedrooms, you can use small 9cm downlights.

Ceiling-mounted lamps are not recommended in small apartment because they will make the room appear smaller.

The best way to create a sense of spaciousness is with neutral or white lighting. A good light study can achieve balanced lighting throughout our small house, depending on if it is for occasional or regular use.



The mirror is one of many ways to decorate your home. It has the most options. Also, they add depth and light in small areas. They can help achieve a greater visual amplitude.

There are many different sizes and shapes. It is best to place long mirrors horizontally on the longest wall in small areas, such as bathrooms.

We will create a sense of depth by installing the mirrors in this way. Installing a mirror in the small corridors and distributors is another option.

When renovating small apartments elegantly and carefully, we will feel as if the space is larger than it is.


A small amount of but very efficient. First and foremost, we need to decide what kind of decor style we want for our home: minimalistic, colonial, or industrial.

Multifunctional furniture can be a good option. Also, these furniture pieces are compact and have multiple uses. With the same element, we can use as much space as possible.

Built-in wardrobes can be a great way to maximize the space available in your home.

Built-in closets can be placed in unoccupied corners, intermediate columns, hanging beams, and other areas. By occupying spaces that are hard to use because of geometry, we can save the most space.

Paint Colors

The comprehensive redesign also includes the tonality or color of the paint. can be achieved by choosing the right color and texture.

The most common interior finish is plastic paint applied to plaster. For the best results in our small flat, it is recommended to use light colors on the walls.

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