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6 ways to Avoid Food Wastage using Billing Software

Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew. Waste Not What The Earth Gives Us. Over 7.87 billion population in the world estimation of 931 million tonnes of food goes to waste each year. which is one-third of the world population and 5 percent are from food service.

Perform a Food Waste Audit

Every Restaurant should perform a food audit to reduce food wastage for that requires the best way to do it. Create a tracker for food waste and make sure where the food waste is coming from. This process makes it simple and easy to handle inventory and waste management using restaurant billing software. Restaurant managers should have food awareness most effectively ensure the safety of the customer and the regular checkup of food hygiene and preparation should properly. Make sure daily follow-ups of the kitchen must be maintained cleanly, and each and every staff should wash their hand regularly. The process of audit should be followed by every restaurant manager for a lower risk of non-compliance.

Avoid Over-Preparing

Food preparation is the action that is performed to ensure safety and to enhance the flavor of the food. The ingredient used for the preparation should be properly used to overcome wastage. Ensure that the staff should know the importance of the wastages. Have a well-organized food preparation station and ensure your restaurant staff practices are followed effectively. Try to predict every day and prepare accordingly it is necessary that every restaurant manager should know the busier days, weeks, and months. so, that plan and execute it to avoid wastage through over-preparing.

Change the menu now and then

Change remains constant, So practice regular changes in the menu to hold up well with the delivery, dine-in, and supply chain issue which leads to change in consumer demand. A complete remodeling of the motorcycle and come out with the good customized one which brings the authentic look, same as for restaurant menu have a practice of changing your menu from the scratch, well known as Remodeling. Another way is adding a new item to the menu will get you proper demand from the customer, Restaurant manager should have the knowledge of each and every product so that replacement of food items is not doing well. Do organized menu changes and get your restaurant in an effective way.

Track food and monitor

Restaurant food plays a major role in food wastage on a daily basis. There are plenty of methods to avoid this to maximize cost control and profitability. Food becomes proper consumption by the handling of refrigeration, over-ordering, and inventory management. consistent kitchen training can lead to reducing risk creating more waste and losing valuable margin on the plates. Tracking restaurant food helps to understand the food wastage on a regular basis.

Improve kitchen and wait staff communication

The best way for avoiding food wastage is by regulating the chef to communication with the wait staff. Anticipate guest questions because who had the proper knowledge of ingredients, Should assign one point of contact which encourages pulling plates and organizing tickets, Avoid language barriers and bring the front staff to the kitchen and prevent miscommunication and frustration, always keep guests in mind and try to provide best guest experience, know each other A chef not only prepares good food but he or she must also ensure that dishes get delivered fast, efficiently, with a smile.

Make a Standard portion size

Portion size determines the quality, quantity, and consistency of the food to be produced. which will result to built customer relationships and satisfaction. Make control over food costs, and reduce wastage. Other tips to handle your portion size built a standardized recipe, right plating, right measurement, staff training, and buying right ingredients for the preparation make use of these ways to avoid food wastage over portion size.

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