When couples fail to conceive naturally, even after trying for many years, they get depressed without knowing the efficiency of In-vitro fertilization. As one of the most popular forms of ART, In-vitro fertilization is a treatment in which reproduction occurs outside the human body while leaving no room for severe illnesses like infertility. Thus, to improve the success of IVF and to avoid the mishappening of IVF pregnancy, we are back with this article to give you helpful ways to prevent miscarriage during In-vitro fertilization treatment. 

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In-vitro fertilization Is : 

Considered an infertility treatment, In-vitro fertilization is a complex process in which reproduction occurs outside the human body when eggs and sperm combine in a petri dish inside a laboratory.

In-vitro fertilization process :

Given IVF process by various fertility specialists are-

Ovulation medications- Certain medications will be provided to stimulate the hormone to get more mature eggs from a woman’s ovaries.

Eggs extraction- Matured eggs will be extracted from a woman’s ovaries to perform the IVF pregnancy.

Sperm retrieval- Sperm extracts on the same day as the eggs.

Fertilization occurs when eggs and sperm combine inside a petri dish.

Embryo transfer- The formed embryo will be implanted into the uterus lining so an IVF pregnancy can occur.

Results- After 12 days of the egg extraction process, a pregnancy test will be performed to determine whether you are pregnant.

IVF success rate :

Generally, the IVF success rate in the world lies around 45-48%. As an IVF pregnancy success rate varies from person to person due to hormonal and personal health conditions 

Tips to avoid miscarriage during IVF pregnancy 

Manage stress- Manage your stress during an IVF pregnancy to enhance the IVF success rate. Research has shown that steps of the IVF process along with embryo transfer cause physiological and psychological stress in couples and make them more prone to anxiety. Hence, it is advised to manage your stress by self-care and attending psychological clubs to calm your nerves down so that miscarriage-like misfortune doesn’t transpire.

Avoid consumption of alcohol, smoking, and illicit drugs- According to research, those men and women who take excessive alcohol lose their ability by 48% to complete the IVF pregnancy. Meanwhile, high dosages of drugs and smoking may cause chromosomal abnormalities and ovulation disorder and lead to severe damage like miscarriage even in getting pregnant after getting infertility treatment.

Eat healthy, well-balanced meals-  To maintain a healthy diet that results in a successful IVF pregnancy while reducing the tragedy of miscarriage, a couple needs to eat healthy and well-balanced meals such as:

  •   Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grain
  • Low-fat dairy products
  • Reduce the amount of salt.
  • Minerals, vitamins, and proteins should all be included.
  • Avoid fatty and processed foods.

Yoga & Meditation- Yoga practice has various benefits, from physical and mental health to emotional well-being. And according to various types of research, the primary benefit of yoga during IVF pregnancy is to bring peace and calmness to your life while reducing negativity so that you can remain optimistic during the whole IVF pregnancy procedure.

 Exercise regularly- Most fertility experts have suggested that exercising after your doctor’s consultation can lower the higher risk of miscarriage during IVF pregnancy. Exercising daily boosts the energy level in your body and helps in stress reduction, relief in aches and pains, and lowers the risk of gestational diabetes while maintaining a correct BMI of the body.

Get enough sleep- Sleep is not only important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it is also a way to survive as a human. Our human body demands approximately 8 hours of sleep daily. When it deteriorates, it leads to a poor lifestyle with an inability to conceive or a miscarriage in an IVF pregnancy. Also, research shows that women who work night shifts during pregnancy have a 32% higher risk of miscarriage than those who get proper sleep at night.


Avoiding miscarriage during IVF pregnancy is only possible by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In particular, it boosts the energy level of your body while enhancing the success rate of IVF treatment. In addition, to get your treatment at a low IVF cost in Lucknow, You can book your appointment with a fertility specialist at Crysta IVF, one of the best IVF centres in Lucknow that believes in helping couples in every step they take to plan for their baby.

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