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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps

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Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Exam Dumps

About the Salesforce Business Analyst Certification Exam

Salesforce have announced that the Business Analyst certification will be available for registration from July 11, 2022. The Salesforce Certified Business Analyst exam is designed for Business Analysts with Salesforce experience. The successful candidate understands business needs, captures requirements, and collaborates with stakeholders to support the development of Salesforce solutions which drive business improvements. 

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Details

Content: 60 multiple-choice/multiple-select questions and 5 non-scored questions

Time: 105 Minutes.

Passing Criteria: 62% (37 correct answers)

Registration Fee: 200 USD.

Prerequisite: Salesforce Certified Administrator credential

Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Exam Outline

Customer Discovery: 17%

Collaboration with Stakeholders: 24%

Business Process Mapping: 16%

Requirements: 17%

User Stories: 18%

User Acceptance: 8%

Share Salesforce Certified Business Analyst Certification Exam Sample Questions

A business analyst is using storytelling to communicate the vision for a Salesforce solution to business stakeholders.

Which storytelling technique should the BA use in their initial demo of a solution to business stakeholders?

A.Highlight a perspective from testing feedback that identifies bugs and pain points in their business challenges.

B.Give a perspective from a relatable persona that shows the development team can solve their business challenges.

C.Describe a perspective from the business requirements document that addresses architectural concerns based on their business challenges.

Answer: B

Universal Containers is about to kick off a new Salesforce implementation, bringing both sales and service teams onto the platform. Each team has been managing Accounts and Contacts in their own way even though the Accounts and Contacts are shared between the teams. This has resulted in disagreements about what should be built in Salesforce.

Which groups should the business analyst work with to gain full alignment on a common program vision and strategy?

A.Business leaders, middle management, and end users

B.Senior leadership, IT leadership, and middle management

C.Executive sponsors, IT leadership, and end users

Answer: B

Northern Trail Outfitters is starting a project to implement Service Cloud for the customer service department.

Which activity should be handled by a business analyst assigned to this project?

A.Work with Salesforce to purchase the necessary licenses.

B.Manage existing Salesforce applications and activities.

C.Understand current business processes and document existing functionality.

Answer: C

The business analyst (BA) is preparing for user acceptance testing (UAT) for Northern Trail Outfitters’ new Service Cloud implementation. The BA secured the sandbox for the testing environment, wrote test cases, and created a process to track and manage reported bugs.

Which additional step is required during the UAT planning process?

A.Identify power users.

B.Schedule deployment.

C.Gather business requirements.

Answer: B

A group of business analysts (BA) at Universal Containers have been working with different teams of stakeholders on eliciting requirements for a new Salesforce app. The BAs have gathered and documented all of the information in a central location. Upon review of the requirements, the BAs discovered that changes made to the documentation were overwritten by each other, and they will lose time recapturing them.

What should the BAs do differently to prevent this error from happening?

A.Each BA should use their own separate documentation,

B.Each BA should enter their business needs in a shared spreadsheet,

C.Each BA should use a shared system that has version control.

Answer: C

Universal Containers (UC) has chosen to implement Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to increase revenue and remove bottlenecks in its current processes. A business analyst (BA) is tasked with diagramming business processes.

What should the BA do to successfully meet governance requirements to identify the business purpose?

A.Use UC’s existing terminology.

B.Adhere to agreed upon mapping standards.

C.Identify resources engaged in each step.

Answer: C

Northern Trail Outfitters launched a new feature on its Experience Cloud site to allow customers to compare features of similar products ahead of the major promotional event of the year. The user acceptance testing (UAT) passed successfully; however, many customers complained of issues when accessing the site.

What did the business analyst overlook before recommending that the release go live?

A.The AT should have been performed with enough time to resolve bugs in the new feature,

B.The UAT should have been performed with both peak load and average load simulation.

C.The UAT should have been performed by customers who are familiar with the products.

Answer: B

The business analyst at Universal Containers is helping the team transition from workflow rules to flows. The work has been built and it is time to kick off user acceptance testing (UAT).

What is the goal of UAT?

A.To ensure what was originally requested is being delivered 8

B.summarize the overall ask and determine what is in scope

C.To identify acceptance criteria with pass/fail indicators

Answer: A

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