Scalp micro pigmentation is a popular process used to cover the bald area of the scalp by placing tiny dots of dark pigments. These pigments help camouflage the baldness of the scalp. It is a non-surgical process that gives the illusion of fuller hair. Scalp micro pigmentation is also called hair tattoo.

The cost of micro scalp pigmentation depends on its coverage area. Scalp micro pigmentation cost for mild baldness is $800 to $1,200; for medium, it is up to $2,200; and for advanced hair loss, it is up to $3,500.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Scalp micro pigmentation helps cover scars. It is used to create a shaved look on the scalp. It is recommended to keep the length of your hair accordingly to give it a more natural look. The ink used in tattooing hair is completely organic and doesn’t cause irritation, infection, or allergies.

It is suggested for all genders. SMP is used to cover female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness. This process helps restore receding hairlines.

A Complete Guide

SMP starts from the original position of your line. Ultra-low hairlines and extended hairlines look fake and don’t blend with the original hairline.

The shape of your hairline also impacts the overall appearance of your hair. It is good to ensure that the hairline created while SMP compliments your face and structure.  

The style of your hairline

Broken hairline

They are placed below the hairline in a scattered way. This style of the hairline is useful when your hairline is not defined.


In a lightweight hairline, light-colored ink is used to create a faded-looking hairline. This looks more realistic. They are suggested for clients that have a light skin tone.

Edged hairline

This one is very popular among the youth, as it is used to make sharp-edged hairlines. It is mostly suggested for clients that have darkened skin.

Scalp micro pigmentation cost

The cost of scalp micro pigmentation depends upon the baldness of your scalp. This means how much area SMP treatment has to cover. It starts from $800 and reaches up to $3500. A little extra is charged when you want to camouflage scars on your scalp.

How long does it last?

Scalp micro pigmentation lasts for 4 to 6 years usually. After that, you have to re-done the procedure. It takes mostly 2 sessions to get the treatment done fully.

Advantages of scalp micro pigmentation

No follow-ups: There is no routine follow-up you have to do after getting the treatment. Once it’s done, it is done.

Immediate results: You will see results immediately. Unlike the other hair loss treatments, you have to wait for months to see the full results.

Cheaper: It is cheaper than most hair loss treatments and has no ongoing care treatment cost.

Looks natural: it looks completely natural.

Done at any stage: it can be done at any stage of hair loss; whether you do it from the start or completely bald, that process can work either way.

Uniform look: SMP helps create a uniform look, making it look more natural.


SMP treatment is done to create a thicker and fuller layer of hair on your scalp. It camouflages the baldness of our scalp by placing dots using an electronic tattoo device. The cost of scalp micro pigmentation depends upon the bald area you want to cover. Scalp micro pigmentation costs start from $800 to $3500. There are different styles of scalp micro pigmentation based on your skin color and hairline needs.

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