Traditional rugs have never lost popularity despite their unique style and vibrant colors. Modern trends come and go, but some things from the past have stayed the same. Many people don’t know that traditional Scandi rugs look great in both traditional and modern rooms. It shouldn’t feel like you have to keep the same décor.  In fact, you can mix old and new things to make a beautiful result—time to clean them up and make them look better. These traditional carpets, which are just as fashionable as a modern Nordic rug, will amaze your guests.

What Are Scandinavian Rugs?

Scandinavian style is a type of architecture known for being straightforward, functional, and minimal. The Nordic countries’ weather gave the Scandinavian design its style. So, it’s essential to use natural colors to create an atmosphere and a feeling of being close to nature.

Traditional scandi rugs are the perfect way to decorate a modern home. If you want a rug that will add color and personality to your home without being too much, a Scandinavian one is the way to go. Because they are simple and neutral, they will go with almost any décor style. Scandi rugs come in many shapes and sizes, so there is something for everyone.

How Can A Traditional Scandinavian Rug Compete With The Styles Of Today?

There are a variety of methods of interior design that use rugs from Scandinavia.

  1. Add earthy tones to a bold and colourful room to balance it out, or finish off a minimalist room with neutral colours.
  2. Defined lines and patterns with diamonds and other geometric shapes are great for adding a sleek, sophisticated look to a modern or contemporary style room. 
  3. On the other hand, Vintage-style patterns have a handmade look that looks great in a boho or casual room.

The Simplest And Most Effective Approach To Cleaning A Scandinavian Rug

The first thing you need to do is set up an outdoor area. You can clean Large area rugs with a rug wash and water, so ensure the area is big enough to avoid water damage. We recommend setting up in the front or back of your property if there is room. So, if the items get wet, it won’t matter too much.

Vacuuming and Shaking

Shake the rug to get the dirt off of it. If the mess is in a small area, shake a Scandi small rug on the floor and then sweep or vacuum it up. 

You can shake it outside if you have space and a large rug. If you want to clean large scandi rugs, you should vacuum them regularly instead of shaking them.  When you flip it over, you should vacuum both sides.

To Get Rid Of Stains, You Can Use Shampoo Or Soap.

Using a slightly damp towel, you can get rid of stains. Put a cloth under the rug and use more water, soap, or shampoo to wash out tough stains through the rug and into the cloth.

White wine is the best way to get rid of red wine stains. The stain will magically disappear in the morning.

Caring Tip:

Before applying shampoo or soap on the entire rug, try a tiny area to guarantee it won’t harm the fibers or structure.

Washer Wash

Use the gentle cycle on your washer to clean small rugs. Use mild soap and cold water to clean the rug, then hang it up to dry. Using the hand wash cycle at 30°C, you can wash rugs and pillowcases in your washing machine. For more oversized scandi rugs, we recommend hiring a professional rug cleaner.

Time To Let Rugs Dry

After giving the Traditional Scandi rugs a good rinse, it is time to hang them up to dry. Large area rugs can seem hard to dry, but if the washing line is strong enough to hold the rug’s weight, it may be as simple as hanging the rug over it. If you don’t have access to a clothes -line, you can dry your wet rug on the ground or a bench instead.

After allowing the scandi rug to air dry on one side, turn it over and let it air dry on the other side.

Important Note:

Rugs fade under direct sunlight. Turning and rotating the rug ensures even fading. Also, the carpeting will wear evenly.

No matter what style of traditional Scandi rugs you choose, you can be sure it will look great for a long time. You can easily wash all Scandinavian carpets in a machine, last a long time, and are easy to keep looking new. With your new rug, your home is ready to have guests.

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