Self-Study Time Table For NEET Preparation

Have you registered for NEET next year? Do you know how to crack NEET? Working according to the time table for everything is very important for the success of that thing.

Similarly, the self-study time table is very important for NEET preparation which increases the importance of cracking it.

So in this guide you will be told how you can make a time table for yourself and follow it. After reading this, you will be able to know how you can easily move forward to crack NEET.

Before starting this, let me tell you that you cannot crack NEET just by following the time table, it is only your responsibility. It is meant to fulfill the motivation effectively. So let’s start again.

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Here we will see 4 tips which will be enough for Self-Study time table for NEET preparation.

Choose a quality source of NEET

NEET books are very important for preparing time table. However, many students are confused about which books are important for NEET. To be successful in the exam, it is very important to read NCERT books and understand them properly, which plays an important role in passing your exam. Therefore, you should read good quality NCERT books. This makes it easy to make your NEET self study time table.

Realistic Goals

Your small goals make it easier to follow your NEET time table, so along with making a time table for your NEET motivation, you should also focus on making your goals and achieving them. These small goals motivate you so that you can crack the NEET exam easily. All the goals you make should be realistic.

Breaks Should be included In your NEET time table 

Make sure to include small breaks for yourself in between your self study time table because it is often seen that students get bored even after studying too much due to which they stop their further studies.

Therefore, you must include breaks in your timetable for NEET self study, this will keep your mind fresh while studying and you will be able to extend your preparation for more time.

Revise what you read again and again

Whatever preparation you have done, never forget to revise it in your time table. If you do not revise then what you have read will slip out of your mind, so whatever you read, do revise it.

This will further improve your understanding and will also improve your performance. Revising again and again helps in finding your weak areas so that you will be able to improve your weak areas.


In conclusion, cracking the NEET exam requires a strong motivation and for this, a self-study time table for NEET preparation is very important. NEET is one of the toughest and competitive exams in India and the importance of cracking it is very high.

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