SEO Keyword Ranking Report: A Brief Guide


One of the essential elements SEO experts rely on to increase a site’s ranking is keywords. Therefore, an SEO keyword ranking report is also equally important for a site’s overall performance. Keywords are nothing but search queries and phrases used by people to find relevant information on search engines. Using keywords to optimize their website businesses aim for two things primarily:

  • to increase their site’s visibility
  • to drive more organic traffic

All in all, keyword optimization is very important for your business. But what you should also not forget is the importance of SEO keyword ranking reports. For example, you have optimized the website with the relevant keyword, but you are not getting the same result as you expected. In such a situation, an SEO keyword ranking report would come in handy. With the help of the report, you will know exactly which keyword attracts more organic traffic so you can optimize your site with that keyword. So, what is a keyword ranking report, and what do you need to know about it? Let’s learn more.

What is an SEO Keyword Ranking Report?

After learning about the advantages of ranking reports, you might ask:

“What is ranking report in SEO?”

In simple words, an SEO keyword ranking report is a useful tool that businesses and digital marketers rely on. They use these tools to find out which keywords people use while searching their queries. These help your site gain an edge over your competitors.

Benefits of SEO Keyword Ranking Report

Following is the list of benefits of relying on the SEO Keyword Ranking Report:

  • A ranking report can help you track the keywords and, in turn, track the visibility and overall performance of your website.
  • SEO keyword ranking reports can help you find keywords that drive organic traffic. Once you have recognized such keywords, you can use this knowledge to optimize your site.
  • A ranking report will also allow you to monitor the ranking of your competitors, so you can get a better grasp of your competition and stay ahead of them.
  • SEO keyword ranking report will give you an assessment of the return on investment of your SEO campaign.

After looking at these benefits, you might wonder, “How do I check my SEO keyword ranking?” Well, do not worry because, in the next section, we will discuss just that!

Tools To Check Keyword Ranking 

There are many different tools on the internet that your business and experts can rely on to create an SEO Keyword Ranking Report. 

Google Search Console

One of the most popular ways to generate an SEO Keyword Ranking Report is by using Google Search Console. It is a free tool that lets website owners monitor their site’s performance on Google search results. All you have to do is to add your website to the Google Search Console platform and verify your site. 

Google will then begin tracking your site’s overall performance. Even though it may take some time, you will eventually end up with a performance report. You can check the “Performance” section to see:

  • The keywords your site appears for in the search results
  • Ranking 
  • Click-through rates

Rank Traffic Software

Many businesses rely on rank-tracking software to monitor their keyword’s ranking over time. These software are very useful for tracking historical data and even fluctuation in rankings. Using this software, businesses can generate an SEO keyword ranking report. Subsequently, they can use the results of the report to understand their site’s overall performance. 

Third-Party SEO Tools

Other than Google Console, there are many third-party search tools that can provide websites with an SEO keyword ranking report. Some popular options include SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, etc. These tools offer reports elaborating on aspects like:

  • Keyword rankings
  • Competitor analysis

How Do You Create A Keyword Ranking Report?

Here is a step-by-step process for you to effectively create a good SEO keyword ranking report:

  1. Distinguish the primary keywords you wish to track.
  2. Select a good keyword ranking tool of your choice.
  3. Next, add your website URL to the tool.
  4. Input the list of primary keywords to the tool.
  5. Begin the keyword tracking process, and it will soon start monitoring your website.
  6. The keyword ranking tool will complete its analysis and give a detailed report about your keyword ranking.
  7. Make sure you record this data properly and track the progress gradually.
  8. Use this report to improve your site’s performance.


Many businesses optimize their websites with keywords to drive more organic traffic and increase visibility. Choosing the correct and the most relevant keywords for their site, therefore, becomes very important. Hence, a lot of websites now prefer tracking the performance of their site to help their business grow. By creating a comprehensive SEO Keyword ranking report, they can find which keywords are bringing them traffic and make changes accordingly. 

Businesses use various tools like Google Console to track the performance of their site and generate a keyword ranking. A good report can easily help increase online presence and expand their business online. So, if you are a business looking for ways to successfully optimize your website using advanced SEO strategies, we recommend GigDe Global Solutions.

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