Goals must be Specific

I’d like you to be precise and provide specifics, but begin with a Real Estate Plan. Start with rough numbers such as, say, you’re looking to take your family on a trip to Europe. It is not necessary to go into details regarding the cities you’ll explore, what museums you’ll visit or anything like that simply write the details down. Make your list big: what kind of home do you desire and what you want for your family and college education, spending more time with your kids and travel, or anything else you could think of. You can revisit later and prioritize them , and create them according to what you would like to achieve in a month 3 months, 6 months 12 months, and then one, three five 10, 20 30 year goals. If you have more objectives set the happier you’ll be the long you live and the more successful you’ll be.

Goals must be Believable

Remember that your goals need to be accepted as real and accepted by you or else you’ll be able to pay for the cost. They have to be convincing and not be beyond possible reach but, in the end, you have to believe that you are able to attain them if you work hard to reach them.

Goals must be Measurable

It is impossible to set a goal to become financially independent. There is no way that you could measure it. It is essential to establish goals in terms of the money you wish to earn each month, or per year, and the amount of equity you wish to achieve in your property in three, five, one or ten years. It has to be quantifiable. So the idea can be broken down into what I refer to as “reducing it to the ridiculous.” If you are aware that you’d like to earn $100,000 per year, you’ll realize that’s an average of $8,333 per month. It could be as little as one deal per month. One thing I’ve observed is that successful people establish goals swiftly and modify their goals as they go. Like successful people, they take decisions swiftly, they don’t flit in a state of confusion or, as I like to call it, getting caught up in a negative funk.

Goals must be Congruent

Your goals should be in sync to your daily actions. It is not possible to create a goal of working more hours, or longer hours, and then set an objective to spend the most time with family. They aren’t compatible. They must be consistent and in line with the actions you take.

Can You Really See Yourself Accomplishing the Goal?

Another way to assist you in reaching the goals you have set is to imagine the person you’ll be when you achieve your target. If you think that you have already accomplished the goal, you’ll fool yourself and you will think of the goal as having already been accomplished. This is known as “fake it till you make it.” I did this every day. Take a minute or two every day and consider the way your life is, with your goals achieved. It’s a breeze once you are comfortable with it.

Work Your Goals

The next thing you need to accomplish is to work towards achieving your goals, and work on the priorities that bring towards your goal each day.

Number Your Goals

List your goals in priority order. The goal is not only significant, but so is the motivation and the priority. You may want to buy a car but why would you want the car? You’re sure to want more money but what are you looking for in a car? You’d like to be able to enjoy more time with loved ones, you’d like to be able to travel, and you would like to purchase a Hummer and to live in an oceanfront apartment or send your kids to the best school. Whatever the case it is, the motivation must be present. The motivation will be more significant than the end goal itself.

Take it all in

Make a note of everything. You should keep it in a journal you keep on your desk or beside your bed. Note your accomplishments and keep it updated regularly. Review your plan daily. If it isn’t a regular element of your life then it won’t work. Each time you take every “baby step,” you are one step closer to reaching your objectives.

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