Rotavator is a tractor-drawn implement that is used for seedbed preparation within one or two rows and is suitable for removing & mixing residual maize, wheat, sugarcane, etc., thereby, helping to upgrade soil health and save fuel, cost, time & energy as well.

Rotavator is used for cash crops. Rotavators are divided into three categories: light, standard and heavy-duty. 

The self-propelled Rotavator is provided with a gearbox and driven forward, or held back, by its wheels. Due to the gearbox, the forward speed is to be adjusted while the rotational speed of the tines remains constant which enables the operator to easily regulate the extent to which soil is engaged. Rotavators are generally extra heavy-duty, come in 4 – 18 HP (3 – 13 kW) versions with either a petrol or diesel engine, and can cover larger areas. 

Uses Of Rotavator

  • Rotavators are suitable for breaking up the soil and for land leveling.
  • Rotavators help in the preparation of seedbeds for sowing purposes.
  • Rotavator is also used for primary and secondary tillage systems.
  • Rotavators require minimal fuel consumption and a short span of time to operate.                           
  • Rotavator is the best inefficiency.
  • Rotavators require less labor to work.
  • Rotavator is also used in gardens.

Light Tiller – Light tiller rotavator or ground tiller rotavator helps in smaller areas for planting. This type of tiller is widely used to mix organic matter into the soil, also to break the crusted soil, help control weeds,etc.

Medium Duty rotavator – Medium Duty rotavators are reliable, excellent in quality, powerful, and designed specifically for medium-sized areas of land. Kisancom Medium Duty Tractor Rotavator, KCRT-125 is the best model for use for land preparation. 

Heavy Duty Rotavator –  Heavy Duty Rotavator is widely used to improve the organic structure of the soil. Pushpak Heavy-duty rotavator is the most popular.

Rotavator Applications

Rotavator is widely used for various applications for agricultural farming. These applications are used for several operations to function in Fertilizers and Chemicals, Orchard Tilling, Rice Field, Cultivating, Weed Control, Tilling, and Planting

Shaktiman rotavator is one of the powerful agri-machineries for farming processes. It is one of the most widely used rotavators in India.

There are a series of Shaktiman Rotavator models. Let’s see some series over here.

  1. Shaktiman Semi Champion Series SRT
  2. Champion Series
  3. Jumbo Champion
  4. Regular series
  5. Smart series, etc.

Shaktiman rotavator delivers effective work on the field that makes Shaktiman Regular Light perfect for farming. Shaktiman rotavator comes under the Rotavator Category. This Rotavator has 25-65 Implement Power that provides fuel-efficient work. Shaktiman rotavator is an implement that comes from the Shaktiman brand house known for its superb quality niches.

Shaktiman Rotavators are very useful for all types of farmers. Shaktiman Implements are popular among all Indian farmers.

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FAQ About Shaktiman Rotavators:

Question: What are the advantages of Shaktiman rotavators?

Answer: Shaktiman rotavators are light in weight, suitable for paddy fields, and sturdy structure.

Question: What is the cost of Shaktiman rotavators?

Answer: The cost is Rs. 1.03 Lakh (Approx.).

Question: Which blade types are used in Shaktiman rotavators?

Answer: C type blade used in Shaktiman rotavators.

Question: What are Gear Box of Shaktiman rotavators?

Answer: Single Speed or Multi speed.

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