Are your employees contacted in important meetings? Are they leaving their desks frequently to return their online orders? Do personal and corporate packages also stacked into your reception space? Do you notice your employees always looking at their phones to track their online delivery schedules?

This is an everyday practice in all modern offices , and will only expect to increase over the next few years. According to Statista Research Department, there were around 1.92 billion buyers who used digital services. Also eCommerce sales comprised 14.1 percent of all global retail purchase in 2019. Furthermore, retail sales also predicted to increase to 22 percent in 2023. This implies that the increase in parcel volume is likely to cause problem not just for eCommerce businesses. But as well for the establishments that will collect these parcels on behalf of customers.

There are corporates fighting to recognize as the best workplaces that draw the best talent. It has become imperative for them to contemplate what they can offer to their employees. In order to simplify their lives. This is the reason why self-service smart lockers one of the key elements in the the future for corporate workplaces. As they solve a specific issue for employees, making their lives much more comfortable. And allow employees concentrate on their work without distractions.

What Smart Lockers can Offer?

Here’s what automated parcel machines enhance and secure collection and delivery of parcels to employees:

1. The correct circulation of information is an important benefit of Smart Lockers as they allow users to receive an instant announcement of the arrival of a parcel within the company. Employees are able to access the information instantly whether physically or electronically regardless of the location where the parcel is.

2. Package theft can be a problem for anyone, particularly when packages left at reception areas that not monitored. Smart Lockers make sure that the parcels secured in lockers with security features built-in to the lockers.

3. Smart Lockers offers an entire chain of custody which lets you trace orders all the way to their origins, thus reducing the possibility of human error with the help of the tracking system for packages and an online portal for managing delivery.

4. PUDO locations allow customers to pick up and drop off parcels. They typically offer longer opening hours than traditional post offices and are usually located in easy-to-access places, like convenience stores. PUDO locations also ease demands on the support of consumers to the regional Post Office during peak periods. With more ease of use, Posts can reallocate their resources to more valuable services and improve their ability to compete with delivery services.

5. Special occasions and numerous EORSs (end of the reason sales) which occur around the holiday season see people go wild in the market for presents, clothes and household things. It can be a nightmare to keep list of all the delivery dates. Smart Locker system save the employees of this problem and lets everyone know that the items are safe and waiting for pick-up.


In the present branding and image vital for companies for both established also new. Nowadays, more and more companies are seeking to establish themselves as progressive employers’. With the introduction of Smart Lockers, you are transmitting a message for your workers that you committed to embracing the latest technologies also improving their work conditions.